söndag 30 januari 2011

Favourite online- shopping stores..

As I'm sure a lot of you are I'm also kinda' addicted to online shopping ^^ especially when there's so many great ones out there.. And for me it can be very hard to find a lot of the brands here in sweden so I have to rely on online stores for brands like Urban decay, Benefit, Illamasqua and on and on and on ^^ Also nailpolish is really expensive here so when I want to buy OPI or China Glaze or whatever I can buy it A LOT cheaper online, just to give you an example -> OPI online = around $6 and OPI here in sweden= 130kr=$20.09... It's Crazy!!

So that's why I thaught  I would share some of my favourite online stores with you guys =)

This is where i get all of my OPI & China Glaze polishes and they also have Essie and Orly.. For 9 polishes I pay $20 in shipping which means I pay around 9*$6=$54+$20=$74 = 478.78kr.. Instead of 9*130kr=1170kr..  They also have a lot for Nail Artistry =)

Barry M
The british drugstore brand with the awesome nailpaints, as they call them.. Both their make up (dazzle dusts) and nail polish (nail paints) are great!

OC Nail art
My supplier of konad stuff ^^

Make up:
All Cosmetics Wholesale
This is by far the best online store to get discontinued products from brands like MAC, YSL, Smashbox, Chanel, Lancome and on and on =) they also have products from the permanent collections of course..

Cherry Culture
My go to NYX and Milani provider ^^ They ship everywhere and fast and also often have special offers like buy 1 get 1 free and stuff like that..

British High end brand with just great products! large selection of colors and I love their brushes!

MAD Minerals
Great selection of colors even in foundation.. Great budget mineral make up! =)

If anyone of you have missed the sigma train (i bet none of you have but anyways) go and check out their brushes, great brushes for a great price!.. they have a lot of kits, my favourite is the Naughty in Black travel kit, cuz it has every brush you need.. =)

HQ Hair
British website that sells make up, haircare, skincare etc. has a large selection of brands..

British website that sells great clothes, accessories, shoes, make up, skincare, haircare, just anything you might think of ^^ often has great sales!

who doesn't love H&M???

A swedish site that sells clothes from a lot of swedish designers.. I think they only ship within scandinavia, not sure though..

So there you have it.. My faves =) Please le me know if you have a favourite online store that I haven't mentioned here, I love finding new places to shop ;)

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