onsdag 29 juni 2011

Depotting project..

I will go on a little depotting project for a few days (well, I'll do it when I have the time ^^) and I just started with some of my NYX lipsticks (colours great for medium skintones).. This is what it looked like =)

Kit essentials haul..

First of all... THANK YOU to all my new followers! I woke up yesterday and had 63 followers and by night time I had 74. Crazy! I'm so glad you found your way here and I hope you'll stay and enjoy =)

So on to the haul =) I needed some basic for my Kit. New blending palettes and some Lipstock palettes etc =)

Some magnets for depotted shadows.. A 6 well palette for lipsticks (I bought 2 but I filled one up), and 2 blending palettes.. I think it's easier to use these ones when I'm blending together a foundation or any other creamy/liquidy products than using the back of my hands..

söndag 26 juni 2011

What's in my Make up bag..

This weekend we wnt to my mom's house to celebrate midsummer and, as it turned out an engagement between my best friend/cousin and John's best friend.. So happy for them!! =) Anyways, as we stayed over the weekend I brought my Makeup bag, and so I thought I would show you what I take with me when going away for a few days =)
This is the makeup bag I use. It came in a kit with sunscreen stuff from Clinique. It's the perfect size and it's pretty ^^

Skincarewise I brought: EA Eight hour cream, + Eight hour cream sun defence stick spf50, Origins Vita Zing, Natuvive Eye gel.. My mom uses the same toner and cleanser so I never bring mine when I go to her's ^^ When I go elsewhere I would bring my travelsize cleanser & toner + a moisturizer to use at night =)

Face makeup: NARS laguna bronzer, Deep throat blush, Sheer glow foundation.. MAC prpe+prime powder, studio finish concealer.. The body Shop Matte primer, Vitamine E face mist (travel spray bottle).. Dior Amber diamond highlighter

Eyes: MAD Minerals cream shadow Nude frost (waterproof), Viva La Diva brow shadow trio, Too Faced Eye Love palette, Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara, and my brow razor =)

torsdag 23 juni 2011

TAG: Top 10 award!

I was tagged by the beautiful Delyteful Speaks =) I first of all love her blog and really trust her opinion in stuff, so I must be worthy of this tag ;P

The Rules of this tag:
1) Link back to the person who tagged you
2) Nominate 10 other bloggers
3) List your 10 favorite beauty products of all time..

10 bloggers I'd like to TAG =)

OK let's move on to top 10 beaty products of all time! =)
1) ORIGINS Balanced diet Moitsurizer - It's by far the best moisturizer I've ever tried! It keeps my dry areas moisturized and my oily areas under control. It actually works all year round! Not all moisturizer do, especially for oily skin!
2) NARS Sheer Glow foundation - Gives such a nice natural finish with medium/full coverage and lasts on my oily skin even without primer. Just the one I tend to go back to ALL the time!
3) MAC Prep+prime loose powder -  Just really nice. So finely milled and goes on like a dream, also keeps the oils away for very long..
4) Make Up Store's Microshadow in Pollution - Hands down the best matte black shadow ever! Sadly I lost mine last year when going to MUA Shool and I have MAC's Carbon + Too Faced Smolder in my Eye love palette so I can't justify buying it again until I run out of the other ones...
5) NARS Blush in Deep Throat - If I only where allowed to wear one blush for the rest of my life I would pick this one!!
6) Lumene Finland Matifying Beaty base primer - Best primer I've ever tried and it doesn't hurt my wallet! =)
7) The Body Shop's Tea Tree Face mask - Can be used as a spot treatment aswell as a mask. Gets totally rid of my blemishes in 48 hours.. I gave a sample of this to my friends boyfriend ( he has acne-prone skin and often gets really bad blemishes, and he LOVED it!)
8) MAC's Nail polish in Little girl type - Seriously my all time fave allready! (got this not long ago). I reach for it practically every time I'm gonna paint my nails. I have to fight myself to reach for another one cuz I don't wanna run out of it too fast as it is a LE product!
9) Swartzkopf OSIS+ Dustit styling powder - Great for getting that little bit of volume in you hair, just dust it on you roots and just "rub" it in with your fingers and your hair will be instantly volumized and matifyed. I love it on lazy days ^^
10) MAC's Lipstick in Hue - Just the best nude! It's a glaze finish so it's very moisturizing but still gives quite a decent amount of colour!

Too Faced Eye Love Palette Look - Natural eye

Hello Hi Good Morning to ya'll!! ^^

It's pouring down outside, so I'm working from home today =) While my computer was acting up on me I decided to take a break and do my eyes according to how the Eye Love palette say you can do it. I thought I would go in order and do all of them, so first up is the Natural eye with Heaven & Push-Up =)

I USED: Heaven - inner part of lid & inner corner & up on the browbone, Push-Up- outer corner/crease & under eyes, Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara, Viva La Diva Brow mix trio shadow. I was too lazy to use a primer ^^

Even though Heaven barely shows up on me it actually turned out really nice! Simple everyday look and very flattering on blue eyes as Push-Up is a Rosy bronze that enhances blue colours =)

tisdag 21 juni 2011

Too Faced Eye Love Palette! A GREAT alternative..

So when this came to me today I was so jumping up and down ^^ As it is hard for me to get a hold UD Naked Palette (and for others) I thought this would be a great alternative, cuz you get 8 completely wearable nice colours in one palette for £24! I bought mine at ASOS..

This is how it comes in package:

I the Eye Love palette Too Faced has put 2 shadows from each of their other so so popular palettes (Natural eye kit, Romantic eye kit, Naked eye kit and Smokey eye kit) together in ONE sleek little palette.. It also comes with a travel Shadow Insurance primer =) So it has ALL you need without being big and bulky (like the original palettes are)!

This is IT:

From the left: Natural eye colours- Heaven & Push-Up, Smokey ey colours- Silver Spoon & Smolder, Naked eye colours- Satin Sheets & Like a Virgin, Romantic eye colours- Honeymoon & Ever After

From left: Heaven- matte cream colour, Silver Spoon- shimmery/metallic silver, Satin Sheets- shimmery pinky nude, Honeymoon- shimmery/metallic gold with a hint of green

From left: Push-Up - shimmery/metallic Rosy bronze, Smolder- matte black, Like a Virgin- matte taupe, Ever After- shimmery/metallic bronze

I immediately thought of Mac's Copperplate when I saw Like a Virgin, and of Mac's Paint pot Constructivist when I saw Ever After. So I had to compare!! =)
Above is Copperplate and in the middle is Like a Virgin- Now they don't look as identical as they do irl but trust me, they're exact!! Maybe Like a Virgin has a tiny bit more of a satin finish, and that's maybe why it's showing up a bit more grey..

To the right is Ever after with Constructivist in the end- So basically Ever After is the shimmery shadow version of Constructivist ^^

First impressions:
Seriously a great palette! Has all the colours I would need when going away, no matter for how long, and the shadows are highly pigmented and stays on (I think) cuz I really had to rub my arm 4 times with soap and water  before it all came off!! So satyingpower made a great first impression hehe. Also I don't own the UD Naked palette and I think now that I have this palette I won't get it even if I could =) I however wish that Heaven was more like Mac's Vanilla, cuz it barely shows up on me as you can see in the swatches =/ But hey maybe with a white eyeliner I could get by with it as a highlighter ^^

What do you think? Do you own this palette? Do you want it?
I suggest you get it if you don't have it =)

Recent buys...

First of all, I haven't bought any makeup in over a month ½ so I'm freakin' proud of myself ^^

Now I needed a new moisurizer and decided to go out of my comfort zone (ORIGINS Balanced diet) and go for La roche Pose as the brand has been raved about so much. I also needed a new volumizing/matifying hair powder and found a cheaper alternative to OSIS+ Dustit.. OK I didn't neeeeed the last product but I've been eyeing it so long now that I just couldn't resist!

Too Faced Eye Love Palette- Really wanted to see if it could be a good alternative to the NAKED Palette as it is hard to get a hold of =)
La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Moisturizer, - It's supposed to keep your oils in control and also work great as a Makeup base..
Swartzkopf got2b volumizing styling powder- Well a good matifying and volumizing powder is just what you need a lazy day when your too tired to wash your hair or just don't have time to =)

söndag 19 juni 2011

Summer loves...

Since it's summer and it's raining outside I thaught I would do a Summer loves post as I have nothing better to do =)

Here are my favorite summer....
1) Lipstick -
MAC Costa Chic  & Hue & Creme cup
2) Lipgloss - Any MAC Cremesheen  glass 

3) Nail Polish - MAC Little Girl Type & Misschievous mint
4) Tinted Moisturizer - Origins VitaZing
5) Foundation - NARS Sheer Glow
6) Powder - MAC prep+prime, best powder of all time =) & MAC MSFN

7) Blush - NARS Deep Throat
8) Bronzer - NARS Laguna
9) Hair product - L'anza Healinh strength silk serum
10) Mascara - Max Factor 2000 calorie Mascara (all time fave)
11) Self Tanner (or any tanning item) - Any Gradual tan lotion - atm NIVEA
12) Fashion accessory -  My Ray Bans ^^
13) Clothing piece - Jeans shorts (I cut som old old LEE jeans a while ago)

fredag 17 juni 2011

Kardashian sisters inpired Make up!

I've been working from home a lot this week and so I have been watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians". I've been wanting to do a Kardashian look the entire week now hehe and finally I did =) I hope you like what I did. I always see the sisters in big brown smokey eyes, really pretty, so that's what I wanted to do.

Face: Just my everydayface ^^
Origins VitaZing
MAC Studiofinish concealer
NARS Laguna bronzer
NARS Deep throat blush
TBS Vinatmine E face mist

Eyes: MAC paint pot Constructivist
MAC e/s Twinks, All that glitters, Embark/Mystery (blended together),
Carbon adn Vanilla 
MAC Feline eyepencil
Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara
Viva La Diva Eyebrow shadow

Lips: MAC Lipstick Creme D Nude
MAC Cremesheen glass Partial to pink

I really liked how this turned out so I hope you guys did too =) I love how the sisters wear their eyeshadows so low under the eyes, but I skipped the false lashes ^^

onsdag 15 juni 2011

Blush on your eyes?! what?!

Maybe you're in the mood to wear pink on your eyes but don't wanna waste you money on a pink eyeshadow that you will use once or twice. Pull out you pink blushes and go from there =)

I don't remember what prdoucts I used here other than my NARS Deep throat blush both as a blush and eyeshadow =) I think I'm wearing MAC's e/s Girley on the lower lashline and Vanilla (as always) as a highlight =)

ps. This is what my eyebrows usually looks like when I use my eyebrow razors...

tisdag 14 juni 2011

I dyed my eyelashes..

I was bored and thaught that "hey, it's summer I should dye my eyelashes" haha and I did.. The colour I used is a blue based black. It's blue based to make the black look really intense..



In the after pictures the lashes look a tiny bit clumped together, it's because they are just dyed and the colour has been on them for a while.. I did the lazy version of dyeing lashes, I blended my colour and then just used a mascara wand.. I do not do that on clients, you get a much  better result when you have your eyes closed and paint the colour on them =) It's hard to do it that way on yourself though ^^

Quick little rave 'bout eyebrow razors..

When I'm in a hurry or just too damn lazy I just love the fact that I can just go grab my eyebrow razor and deal with my eyebrows quick and easy! I LOVE IT!

Today I was just lazy after being up all night watching the Stanley cup finals game 6.. What a drag that was!! I do use my teezer to "clean" those hairs that has become thick and are very stubborn ^^ but I love shaping and as I said being lazy with my razor ^^

The ones I use comes from Depend Cosmetics which I think is only available in scandinavia, 3 pack cost me 29SEK...

lördag 11 juni 2011

Products I regret buying.... Vol. 1

I'm not the one to not do a review of something a I actually don't like, but sometimes it's no fun ^^ So I thaught I would do a Products I regret buying - produts I've bought but not really liked or just plain out hated.. enjoy ^^

Coastal Scents / BH Cosmetics  88 original/matte palette - whatever the brand/store ( the palettes are made in China and the brands just stamp their logo on it), this  is the palette I regret buying the most. It's ok if you consider the money you spend on it, but the pigmentation, staying power, application of the shadows are just not good. I never use the palette...

Estee Lauder Day wear + Sheer tint release - is a gorgeous product but does not work for combination/oily skin. It made me break out so much!! I gave it to my mum =)

MAD Minerals pigments - These are great great pigments, but I just don't use them. I tend to avoid pigments as much as I can. If you like pigment I really recommend you try out mad minerals but for me I'm just not a pigment user ^^ Their oose mineral foundation is one of my faves though, they have really great matte shades and their not exspensive at all. =) Find them HERE

MAC Oil control lotion - This moisturizer did not control my oils and it made me break out... enough said!

MAC Prep+prime skinbase spf 50 - This just doesn't work for me. It doesn't make my foundation stay on and it doesn't even out, my pores are almost enlarged :/ might be nice for dryer skin though :/

Boots botanics Shimmering blonde shampoo & conditioner - It's a functioning shampoo and conditioner but not more. It washes my hair but does not give it that lustre blonde colour I hoped it would.. Good thing is that it didn't hurt my wallet ^^

So this was volume 1 of the Products I regret buying.. I'm sure there will be a volume 2, when I've gotten some more not so nice products  ^^

torsdag 9 juni 2011

A quick look at my most used makeup etc drawer..

This is my top drawer in my MALM byrå from IKEA. This is where I keep my most used makeup, all my nail polishes, and other beauty stuff =) I have my MAC palettes, some various trios, my lipstuff, my powders, my foundations, some handcream, some sun protectants.

 Closer at most of the makeup =)

 Some of the nailpolish, nailpolish remover, gel liners, paintpots, and samples of some Sensai stuff..

Closer at the nailpolishes and the different pencil liners..

I hope you liked peeking into my drawer =) I will do a closer collection post and a traincase post. =)
Of course these posts are not to brag or anything lika that. I'm just nosy myself and love these kinds of posts/videos so I thaught it would be fun to do my own ones. Simple as that =)

tisdag 7 juni 2011

May Favourites!!

Origins VitaZing tinted moisturizer - Do I really need to say anything 'bout this?? ^^
The Body Shop Vitamin E Face mist - New staple (review here)
Max Factor 2000 calorie dramatic look mascara - Rediscovery for me, gives great full lashes in one coat!
MAC MSFN light medium - gorgeous for setting the VitaZing, think I need a new darker one though ^^
Depend Multipolish - works as a base aaand topcoat! And weel at that..
MAC Nail Lacquer in Little girl type & Misschievous mint (LE) - I think I've gone on about these enough ^^
NARS Brozer in Laguna - Need I say more than I just hit pan??
MAC Blushes in Well dressed & Pink Swoon - Been loving pink cheeks for some reason =)
Peggy Sage Crayon Khôl in Curacao - been loving this on the lower lashline, and it stays on better than my MAC pencils...

måndag 6 juni 2011

Stylish blogger awards...

I was SO happy when the gorgeous Amelda of Close up Makeup Artistry gave me this award =) Thank you! It totally made my day =)

The rules are, upon receiving this award you have to -
  • Name 7 facts about yourself
  • Pass the award along to 7 more blogs

7 facts

1. I'm obsessed with Hanson. YES the Mmmbop Hansons'! I've been in love with them since I was like 8 years old and I would litterally pass out and get a heartattack if I ever met them! These gorgeous boys (well they're men now of course) are so filthy talented and their music is the only music that ever REALLY can sheer me up!!

2. I love watching TV-series. My all time fave is Gilmore girls! Others that I love are Gossip girl, 90210, Rome, Parenthood, Glee, The walking dead, Jerseylicious, and much more. I just love series ^^

3. I am really shy if I have to be  the center of attention! I'm out going and all that but when I get in the center I become shy, that's a part of why I'm a make up artist so I can be behind the camera and not in front of ^^ I can bee in front of the camera if I am acting, cuz it's not just you up there it's someone else =)

4. I HATED cooking when I was a teenager. I couldn't even boil potatoes haha. Now I'm actually quite good! I actually enjoy learning and coming up with new ideas to a staple like bolognese =)

5. I love the opera! I have been fascinated with the vioces of operasingers for so long I just think it's beautiful! My favorites are so far "Die Fledermaus" and "Le nozze di Figaro".. Classics I know! But they are classics for a reason right? ;)

6. I used to dance ballroom.. You know the "dancing with the stars" dances.. So much fun but it just got so expensive and I didn't have a partner at the end so I had to quit. But me and John are thinking about takin some classes together..

7. I love reading historic fiction novels.. Right know I'm reading Conn Iggulden's Emperor series. It's great I really recommend it!! I can't for the life of me read something someone tells me to, but when I choose myself I'm a bookworm!!

NOW! I would like to give this award to:

Stephanie of Stephaniejays
Yu of MakeYuUp

I'm sure, if you're not allready a follower of them, you will like them as much as I do! =)
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