lördag 26 februari 2011

Review - The Body Shop Tea tree Face mask

I have only used it ones but I was so impressed that I had to give a review right away ^^

(picture not mine)

What The Body Shop says it does :
Instantly cooling mask helps to remove impurities and absorb excess oil whilst soothing and calming blemish prone skin, Skin is left feeling deeply cleansed, calm and refreshed.

What I say :
It did remove impurities and absorbed the excess oil, it is very strong and drying but it's so good that it's something that I feel I can get past.. It lieves your skin feeling very dry but oh so clean.. when I used it I had maybe 10 or more blemishes all over the face that were big red and hurt, you know, acne blemishes.. I used the face mask on clean skin and left it on for about 7 minutes (instruction says 5 - 10).. I used it before going to bed and when I woke up all the blemishes had faded and dried out, some were all gone and some you could just hint that they were there..So i wouldn't describe the mask as The Body Shop does, I would describe it more : Removes impurities and blemishes over night. Use just 10 minutes before moisturiser at night time and wake up blemishfree.. ^^

Conclution : 
It works!! It does remove impurities and blemishes, perfect for blemished skin.. Because it's so strong I wouldn't recommend anyone to use it more than once, or if you have very oily and acne prone skin maybe twice or three times a week.. And be sure you wash your face and moisturise well after, as I said it will dry out you skin.. I believe this could be used as an excellent spot treatment aswell as a face mask, so if you have that important date or jobinterview and a zit appears try dotting a little of this green clay mask on it before you go to bed =) If you have sensitive skin it might be good to try it on the neck before you put it all over your face, just in case you are allergic or something like that..

So, if you have trubble with blemishes, walk traight to The Body Shop and ask for a sample of the Tea Tree Face Mask! =)

torsdag 24 februari 2011

Review - Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H

I'm gonna start of by telling you what Maybelline themselves states with this gel eyeliner:
Gel Formula - Lasts 24H - Non transfer - Intense Colour - Easy application (fine or thick line)

Second what I say:
Gel Formula - Last 24H - Non transfer - Intense Colour - Easy application (fine or thick line)
Hehe! I really do agree with what they state this eyeliner does.

Gel formula- uh duh! But kidding aside it's really nicely formulated and not greasy or clumpy at all like for example the Coastal Scents ones, they are very greasy and clumpy - they do make great colour bases on the lid but on me they just don't work as gel liners.

Lasts 24H & Non transfer - YES! Well, I haven't been wearing it for 24 hours, I've removed it before it has gone that long but when I've removed it it hasen't moved or transfered or lost its colour. I have even gone working out with it on just to really but it to the ultimate test, and it STAYED ON even though I swetted like a pig (and my eyelids are very greasy and oily when I'm nt working out so imagine when I do work out)!!

These pics are from after my workout! You can see that my mascara has fallen down under my eyes but the liner hasn't moved or faded =)

Intense Colour - It does have great colour payoff but I wouldn't call it Intense hehe.. Don't get me wrong as I said it does have great colour payoff!

Easy application (thin or thick) -  I would say it's pretty easy.. It is very easy to do a thin or a thick line it is beacause the liner brush that the liner comes with is kinda' a mini mini lipbrush so it's not pointed as other liner brushes, it's flat.. That means that it's easy do do a thin line when you use the brush sideways, and easy to do a thick line when you use it straight on like a painting brush.. It is a bit tricky to do the perfect in between line, but as it is with everything - the more ou do it the easier it gets =)

Other: It does take a while for it to really dry so just be careful not to smudge it, if you don't want to, if you want to then go for it ;) Just something to think about but not really anything that is desturbing (at least to me) =)

I REALLY RECOMMEND THIS GEL EYELINER! It has almost everything a gel liner need to have to be great! It's  just awesome! Here in sweden it costed me 119kr = $18.53 (I know you peaple in the US are gonna freak out when you read the price I paid).. In the US it costs around $9.99..

Sunday shopping haul..

Hi everyone! Long time no see.. I've been soooo busy! But it's starting to clear up =)
So this sunday I was out shopping with a friend. I had to get a new bottle of my favorite toner and I have a friend that works at The body Shop. So lucky for me my favorite toner is from The Bosy Shop, it's the Seaweed Clarifying toner, and when I go to get it from her I get 25% off =)  AND I get like tons of samples of products I haven't tried yet, and she fill the jars up to the point it's almost scary to open them beacause you're afraid that your gonna' spill it all out hehe =)

Anyways, here's what I got =)
HBO Nordica Hair Dryer - I desperately needed a new one (mine was like 7 years old or something) and my mom uses this one and she likes it and it's not expensive.
L'anza Healing Strength silk serum - needed a ner serum for my hair and thaught I would try this one.
Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting drama Gel eyeliner 24h - I know I just got a fluidline from MAC but I just couldn't pass on this one, I was thinking it would be fun to compare the two (and boy I'm glad I got it, a review will come later)
The Body Shop Seaweed clarifying toner - best toner ever for combination/oily skin, doesn't dry your skin out and helps control the oil =)
The Body Shop Samples - 3 jars of the Tea tree face mask, 2 jars of the Seaweed Matifying Day Cream, 1 jar of the Vitamin E Eye Cream, 1 bottle of the Camomile Gentle Eye Make up remover, and them some samples of their fragrances White Musk and Dreams Unlimited

I actually reallu like all of these products and I will post more in depth reviews of them. I think I'm gonna start with the Maybelline gel liner cuz that's my favorite out of all the new products I've tried this week ^^

måndag 14 februari 2011

My Valentines look

So here's my valentines day look.. simple but still defined and pretty =) 

Face: NARS Sheer Glow foundation in Santa Fe
MAC Moisturecover concealer NW20
MAC Prep&Prime powder
NARS Bronzer in Casino
NARS Blush in Deep Throat
DIOR Shimmer poudre in Amber Diamond

Eyes: Benefit FY... Eye primer (discontinued)
MAC Paint pot in Constructivist
MAC e/s in  Sable, Vanilla
MAC Fluidline in Blitz & Glitz
Make Up Store Eyeliner in Gold Digger
L'oréal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara
MAC Eyebrowpencil Lingering

Lips: EOS Lipbalm oversome foundation left from applying it before ^^

TIP: Try not to use a too colourful and sticky lipstick or lipgloss when going out on your valentines date.. Trust me, your man will appriciate it.. I mean they don't want red stained or glittery pink lips after giving you a kiss, they just want to enjoy it.. So maybe a tinted lipbalm is more the way to go =)

söndag 13 februari 2011

MAC Kissable Lipcolours - Exxhibitionist & Enchantée

Review/First impressions!

I was really curious about this new trend with liquid listicks when it came. I think Chanel was first to come out with them and then everyone else jumped on the wagon. I think it's just a brilliant! idea.. I myself tend to not like lipglosses, I think most of them are too shiny and too sticky and also too sheer.. So I tend to use creamy lipsticks instead when I want colour on my lips, but sometimes that feels a little bit boring and I want some more shine but not as shiny as glosses.. So for me this is just perfect!

Now, I do still want to try the Chanel ones (can't remember what they are called) but they are very expensive. But the MAC Kissable colours are  not that expensive and therefore I could justify it ^^

The collection of lipcolours had a lot of beautiful shades, from red to very very nude to coral and pink. I bet anyone could find a colours that are suitable. I grabbed the coral red Exxhibitionist and the pale pink Enchantée.
They feel very creamy on the lips and the actually stay put quite nicely without a lipliner.. They are very pigmented so they are very easy to cover you lips with in just a few swipes.. I really really like these =)



FOTD with Exxhibitionist on the lips..

My favorite of the two I must say is the bright coral red Exxhibitionist.. It's a great alternative fro those that doesn't feel very comfortable in bright red but still want some kinda' red colour, just a little bit softer.. This colour will also look AMAZING in the summer with a tan =D

The Pale pink Enchantée reminds me a lot of Creme Cup lilpstick and The Viva Glam Gaga one.. It's kinda' a mixture between those two actually..

I really recommend trying out these Kissable Lipcolours from MAC, they are very much worth the money =)

Sunday Shopping - haul!

 I went to the city to pick up a few things here and there but ended up with some more than that ^^ So here's the beauty related products I baught =)

 First of all some MAC stuff.. I wasn't too into the Peacocky collection except for the Kissable Lipcolours (liquid lipsticks?).. I got the lovely coral Exxhibitionist and the lovely pale pink Enchantée.. And I went to MAC in the first place to get a fluidline, they were out of the Blacktrack (solid black colour) but they had Blitz & Glitz, a black with some gold sparkle (doesn't show up when applied). I also got the #209 to apply the gelliner with =)

Here are the swatches of the lipcolours Enchantée and Exxhibitionist and the Blitz & Glitz Fluidline

As I'm so in LOVE with ORIGINS and have heard so much great things about the VitaZing Energy-boosting moisturizer with a Tint release formula I had to go and get it.. I tried it on my hand and loved it, so I hope it's as lovely when I try it on my face tomorrow =)
I also got te Tresemmé heat defence smooth, never tried before, but I love the purple shampoo and conditioner for anti breakage from Tresemmé so I should like this heat protectant, but you never know ^^

torsdag 10 februari 2011

FOTD - "I just came to say hello"

I've recently been wearing a defferent everday look that I really like.. o make the blue in my eyes stand out more every day I use a bronze eyeliner and eyeshadow just along the lashline and on the waterline/tightline... It's perfect for everyday defining while still making your eyecolor (if you have blue/green eyes) pop =)
Face: Lumene Matifying beauty base primer
NARS sheer glow foundation
MAC Moisturecover concealer
MAC Prep&prime powder
NARS Bronzer in Casino
NARS Blush in Deep Throat
DIOR Shimmer poudre in Amber diamond

Eyes: MAC Browpencil in Lingering
MAC e/s Vanilla, Bronzed
MAKE UP STORE Eyeliner in Gold digger
L'oréal Voluminous carbon black Mascara

Lips: EOS Lipbalm

onsdag 9 februari 2011

Our weekend looks..

I was in Linköping over the weekend visiting my friend who goes to the university there.. We didn't take lots of pictures but still some..  So i thought I would at least show you how we looked when we when out =)

This is me and my cousin/best friend Frida =)

This is me and my other best friend Sofie =) I did Sofie's makeup but not Fridas.. On Sofie I used: Chanel ro Lumiere foundation, Make up Store Concealer trio, Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, Make up Store Blush Fresh, MAC Paint pot Constuctivist, MAC e/s Satin Taupe, Vanilla & Bloodline pigment, Nivea Khol Pencil, Make up Store Tri Brow color  the lightest one..

On me I used: Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation,MAC Moisturecover concealer, MAC Prep&Prime Powder, NARS Bronzer Casino, MAC Blush Peachykeen, MAC e/s Vanilla, Mistery, L'oreal oluminous Mascara, MAC Browpencil Lingering, MAC Lipliner Redd, MAC Lipstick Dubonnet

torsdag 3 februari 2011

Favourite lipsticks..

Since I can't show you any makeup I've been wearing (cuz I haven't been on top and havn't been wearing makeup) I thaught I would show you some of my favorite Lipstick.. I'm not he biggest fan of lipgloss I only have like 2 that I actually use (I do have a bunch of lipglosses in my professional kit though) so when I'm wearing something on my lips it's usually lipstick..

I don't have a lot of lipstick eather but still a few more than average maybe ^^ These are all MAC, I don't know why, that's just the way it is ^^

From Left: Creme Cup - A soft barbie pink, this is a Cremesheen so it doesn't dry your lips out.. I hate lipsticks that dry your lips out.. Dubonnet - A gorgeous red, If I could only recommend one red I would choose this one, and I've tried a lot of reds! This is an Amplified so its creamy but kinda' glossy/shiny adn very pigmented.. Pretty Please - This was a LE color unfortunately, it came out with the Love Lace collection (I think) It's a nice really nude frosted pink, it has a lustre finish so its not so pigmented, I used this every day when I got this.. 

From Left: Hue -This is the perfect nude for us with lighter skintones, not to pink and not to peach AND it doesn't wash your lips out so you look like a ghost ^^ It is a glaze so its very creamy and kinda' glossy, perfect for everyday! Costa Chic - I love this color in the summer, gorgeous bright coral pink, looks awesome with a tan. It has a Frost finish but I think its more of a glaze/cemesheen.. Jazzed - A little less bright version of the Costa Chic and not so pink, more peach, also awesome in summertime when you want a bright color but not too outstanding =) This is LE also but I think you can get it at pro stores (not sure). It is a cremesheen..

Creme Cup , Dubonnet, Pretty Please, Hue, Costa Chic and Jazzed

The only color I wasn't happy with in the swatchpicture was Creme Cup, but if you look further down the page you'll find my latest FOTD and you can see it on my lips instead =)
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