torsdag 28 juli 2011

Behind the scenes - Yesterday's shoot

Hi everyone =)
Yesterday I did a shoot with a photographer I've worked with before and a new model.. We did a TFP shoot (time for picture) - it's when a photographer + model + makeup artist + hairstylist + stylist work together without pay to build up everyone's portfolio.. This time we were just me the model and the photographer =)

Here are some behind the scenes photos that I took =)

Hope you liked them =)

I'm off to Amsterdam now for the weekend =) Yay I'm so excited.. We're just going to enjoy the city (been before and I LOVE the city) and maybe shop a little (a lot) and just enjoy each other (me and my boyfirend).. Much needed =) 

Hope you have a great weekend!

måndag 25 juli 2011

Hold sammen – hold hender - FOR NORWAY!

I just read Makeup Look's post about the devistation in Norway at the moment and I felt I had to say something aswell.. Maybe some of you haven't heard, a man went crazy a few days ago and detonated a bomb and then went on a shooting spree. A lot of people were killed..

It's times like these we have to show support and stand together against violence.

Hold sammen – hold hender
Stand together - Hold hands

If you go HERE you can sign up and join the chain of holding hands to show your support.
At the moment 583817 people are allready holding hands!

NOTD - MAC Mischievous Mint + polka dots

So first of all... I've hit the 100 follower "milestone" =) Thank you all of you! I've tried blogging so many times before but never really enjoyed it as much as I do now.. I'm really loving it =) I probably wouldn't as much if I didn't get as much nice feedback as I've been getting from you guys so thank you =)

Anyways.. On to my NOTD =)

This is one of my fave colours of all time allready and I've only had it for a few months.. But I was bored yesterday so i decided to do something a little extra with my nails but nothing too hard or extravagant =) So i decided to do polka dots on my ring fingers.. It's sooo easy to do.. just take a hair pin/tooth pick something small and pointy, and then pick up some polish and dot away =)

söndag 24 juli 2011

How to wear a pop of colour... the easy way!

So  not everyone is comfortable with wearing lots and lots of colour but still buy those colours just beacause they want to wear them and they're pretty.. This is the way to start wearing colours without overdoing it =)

This one of my FAVORITE ways to wear colour during summer.. I used a turqoise pencil eyeliner and smudged it along the lower lashline, quick easy and gives you that pop that's soo pretty =) To make it last, set the liner with a same colour eyeshadow.. If you don't have coloured eyeliners you can use a cream/white pencil eyeliner and set that with whatever eyeshadow you want to, maybe a pretty green =)

torsdag 21 juli 2011

Why I DON'T use eyelash curlers...

Some girls (men also) swears by eyelash curles and really can't live without them.. I'm not one of them fortunately.. I've tried many eyelash curlers but still I never get the same results as I do when I don't use them, which is actually great cuz I don't have to take one with me when I go somewhere =) They take up quite a lot of space..

Here are pictures of me wearing mascara, I curled one eye's lashes and skipped it on one eye.. 
Can you see which is which?? =)

Now I did 2 coats on each eye........ 

I put on mascara as usual on my right eye (left here in pictures) and I curled on my left eye (right here in pictures).. So as you can see, an eyelash curler really doesn't do much for me.. I however NEED one in my kit, cuz it can really make a difference on the right person =)

How's your relationship with eyelash curlers? Could you live without? =)

måndag 18 juli 2011

NYX Haul - Soo much stuff ^^

So when CherryCulture had their 20% off of everything ins tore I went for it! I been wanting NYX lipliners for soo long, and when I picked them out I got a little carried away.. hehe

Here's what I got =)

Eyeshadows in - White, True Taupe, Hawaiian coffee, Lake algae

As you can see, the matte white doesn't show up at all! But I kinda' didn't expect much anyways.
True taupe, is really as you can see a nice taupe colour.
Hawaiian coffee is a very deep dark chocolate brown, very nice.
Lake Algae is just a gooooorgeous true green green colour.

All of these were suppossed to be matte, but the True taupe and Hawaiian Coffe has a satin finish :/ Oh well, they're gorgeous anyways.. =)

Lippencils in - Mauve, Natural, Nectar, Coral

Cherry Culture lip balm (free with every order)
Blush in Taupe
Soft Matte Lip Creams in - Tokyo, Stockholm

Swatches in same order as above!

As you can see the Taupe blush looks like it would be a great contour colour as it's not as red/orange toned as many other contour colours. This will give more of a natural looking shadow..
When I swatched the lip creams they felt soft and smooth and when I blended the two colours together it made such a pretty natural pinky/mauve colour..

More to come when I've tried the products more =)

söndag 17 juli 2011

Re-organized my "beauty-drawer"

Remember that I showed you guys my "most used makeup drawer"? Well I went to Ikea with a friend a couple of days ago and I bought the set of dividers/organization boxes whatever they're called, for my MALM BYRÅ.. So I reorganized my drawer and now I can fit soo much more in here =)

lördag 16 juli 2011

NOTD - O.P.I Koala Bear-y

So I'm tge kinda' girl that quickly gets bored of my nails after wearing the same polish for about 3 days.. So off with the french manicure and on with the berry pink Koala Bear-y as my lovely man finally managed to open the bottle (it has been stuck ever sooo long)..

fredag 15 juli 2011

How to do perfect French manicure nails at home!

1. Apply a basecoat to protects your nails from discolouring
and the glue from the tejp sticking on to you actual nails.

2. Take a piece of tape and use it to trace you "nail-tip-line".

3. Now paint your white colour on your tips,
as messy as you like =)

4. When it's dried a little bit (not all the way) remove the tape.

5. When the white polish har dried all the way, use a sheer
nude/pink colour and paint a layer of that right over the entire nail.
I used a sheer shimmery pink. O.P.I Princess.

6. Finish with a top coat and you're all done =)

torsdag 14 juli 2011

Making my own bracelets..

Sometimes I make my own jewelry just for fun and maybe some day, business =)
This is what I'm working on at the moment..

Hope you like them =)

Easy Summer Hairstyle #2

Ok for this hairstyle you have to know how to do a french braid.. They're loads of tutorials on youtube if you don't already know how to do it =)

When you do know how to do it, this hairstyle is quick, easy and cute =)

How to do it?
1. Take the front section of your hair (you can go however big or small you want, I went for  about1½inch-3cm)

2. Start by brading a couple of times just as a normal braid.
3. After maybe 3 times start adding a small section of hair to the top section of the braid. Basically you start adding hair as in a normal french braid just skipping adding to the lower part. Again- only add hair from above and not from below.
4. Stop adding hair just when you've reached your cheekbones. You can now choose to do a normal braid all the way down (lower picture) or just take a hair elastic and seal the "halfway-french braid" =)

Now this doesn't have to be perfect and all neat and smooth.. It's summer it should be careless and free =)

Hope you liked it =)

onsdag 13 juli 2011

Pretty Little Liars Look Series - Aria

So I've been obsessed with the Pretty Little Liars series ever since I descovered it (on TV, yes I won't bother reading the books cause they're kinda' hard to get here) and I'e been wanting to all the girls different looks for a while now.. When I saw MakeupbyTiffayd's makeup tutorial on Arias makeup I was inspired to actually to my take on the girls looks =)

First up is Aria, who's not my faveourite at all but her makup is a little bit more different than the other girls'.. Now Tiffany D did the makeup Aria wears in the intro. I did the makup I often see her wearing IN the series.

When You look at the girls they all seem to have a golden neutral on the lid and then different ways to mark the eyes. Aria often has a rosy colour closer to the lashline on her lid aswell as the golden neutral. Also I see her often wearing a dark dark green eyeliner on the lower lashline and sometimes a black. So I decided to mix the dark green and the black =)

My eveyday faceroutine ex. blush
I used MAC's Peachykeen blush

Eyes: MAC Paint pot Painterly
MAC e/s All that glitters (all over lid up towards browbone)
Cranberry (lower part of the lid)
Carbon (smudged over green eyeliner on lower lasline)
Peggy Sage Cryon Khol eyeliner in Sapin (waterline and little bit on lower lashline)
Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara
Viva La diva eyebrow shadow trio

Lips: A rosy Lanocme lipstick dotted on and then blended for a natural rosy look, it's a tester so I don't know the name

tisdag 12 juli 2011

Easy Summer Hairstyle #1

Hi guys!
Wow long time no see.. I've been super busy with all kinds of stuff so I haven't had time to even sit down with my computer at all.. But it has slowed down now =)

I was thinking of doing some hairstyle posts/tutorial.. As the title says "Easy summer hairstyle".. They're gonna be easy and not take to much time and will be great for a lot of occasions =) I hope you like it!

This is a Go-to hairstyle of mine during summer, it's easy, pretty and girlie =) How to do it?:

1. Wash your hair at night before goind to bed. Braid it in just a normal big braid (or french braid for more curles) and then go to bed letting the hair dry during sleep..
2. Take out the braid and start braiding small braids here and there in you hair. Use a small elastic hairtie.
3. Take the front sections/bangs and take a hairpin and just pin back both of them. Done =)

If you have finer hair that tends to not hold curles, either use a curlingiron or use some hairmousse before braiding your hair when it's damp.  And when you're all done, use hairspray =)

onsdag 6 juli 2011

Behind the scenes - Yesterday's shoot..

I had such a great time working on this shoot! We had an amazing team and at the end an amazing model aswell (the original model couln't make it so the agency had to send another one)!
I took my NIKON D40 with me to get some behind the scenes pictures for you and for myself.. I love watching these, feels like I'll remember more if I have them =) I hope you'll like them =)

Sandra the model was 17 and did such a great job!!

Elina the stylist was amazing aswell! Such a delight to work with!!

Now, these are my photos and not what we're gonna use later. They are also not edited..

måndag 4 juli 2011

What I will bring in my Kit for a 70's country inspired shoot...

I love watching these kind of videos or reading these kind of posts so wen I packed my Kit for tomorrows shoot I wanted to show you what I'll bring with me =) Prepare for a LOOOOONG post and picture bonanza!! ^^

This is an overview of my traincase.. I will put my brushbelt with all my brushes in there and a smal towel aswell..

Close up - compartments

Close up - Products

Since we haven't decided on how many different makeup looks we wanna do I'll bring all eyeshadows/blushes/eyeliners I can think of that fits into the category.. That way, I won't fall short =)

söndag 3 juli 2011

New portfolio pics..

OK not new new.. We did this shoot fall 2010.. I lost the pictures thoug so I had to make Andreas post them for me again ^^ But he's so nice so he did =) Andreas is the photographer..

We wanted a "urban/city/nice&edgy/" .. Anna was a little shy at first but came through her shell after some shots =)

This is not retuched.. Check out "porfolio" in the meny for more =)
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