torsdag 3 februari 2011

Favourite lipsticks..

Since I can't show you any makeup I've been wearing (cuz I haven't been on top and havn't been wearing makeup) I thaught I would show you some of my favorite Lipstick.. I'm not he biggest fan of lipgloss I only have like 2 that I actually use (I do have a bunch of lipglosses in my professional kit though) so when I'm wearing something on my lips it's usually lipstick..

I don't have a lot of lipstick eather but still a few more than average maybe ^^ These are all MAC, I don't know why, that's just the way it is ^^

From Left: Creme Cup - A soft barbie pink, this is a Cremesheen so it doesn't dry your lips out.. I hate lipsticks that dry your lips out.. Dubonnet - A gorgeous red, If I could only recommend one red I would choose this one, and I've tried a lot of reds! This is an Amplified so its creamy but kinda' glossy/shiny adn very pigmented.. Pretty Please - This was a LE color unfortunately, it came out with the Love Lace collection (I think) It's a nice really nude frosted pink, it has a lustre finish so its not so pigmented, I used this every day when I got this.. 

From Left: Hue -This is the perfect nude for us with lighter skintones, not to pink and not to peach AND it doesn't wash your lips out so you look like a ghost ^^ It is a glaze so its very creamy and kinda' glossy, perfect for everyday! Costa Chic - I love this color in the summer, gorgeous bright coral pink, looks awesome with a tan. It has a Frost finish but I think its more of a glaze/cemesheen.. Jazzed - A little less bright version of the Costa Chic and not so pink, more peach, also awesome in summertime when you want a bright color but not too outstanding =) This is LE also but I think you can get it at pro stores (not sure). It is a cremesheen..

Creme Cup , Dubonnet, Pretty Please, Hue, Costa Chic and Jazzed

The only color I wasn't happy with in the swatchpicture was Creme Cup, but if you look further down the page you'll find my latest FOTD and you can see it on my lips instead =)

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  1. I really like Dubonnet and Costa Chic, gorgeous shades!

    check out my blog and if you like it please subscribe :)


  2. I've been wanting to try Costa looks so pretty.



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