torsdag 14 april 2011

Review - NIVEA pure&natural colours foundation

I'll start off with saying that I've never ever been impressed by Nivea foundations. I've never bought one of my own until now, I've tried samples before and they have always been greasy and just awful..

BUT now it's a different story!! When Nivea came out with their pure&natural line I was so happy. They have finally taken the plunch out into the world of more natural ingridients that the rest of the beauty worl have done a long time ago..

Anyways, the foundation: NIVEA SAYS: an easy comfortable foundation that leaves your skin with an even and natural finish, no mask-effect!

I say: YES! I does leave your skin feeling natural and nice but still has great coverage and actually holds up during the day.. I think it's like a babysister to the Revlon ColorStay foundation hehe.. The finish is so similar and the coverage is just a tiny bit less than the Colorstay.. It does not hold up as long as the colorstay but it lasts a normal workday (8 hours) for sure.. Of course it depeds on what your doing, I'm basing it on an office work.. It's actually very similar to the NARS Sheer glow foundation aswell as the Colorstay now that I think about it, the sheer glow foundation has more of that natural finish.. Colorstay is a tiny bit more matte than the pure&natural and Sheer glow..

PROS: Great natural finish, medium- buildable coverage, stays put during the day w/o primer - longer with primer (on me with oily/combination skin), it's not drying and at the same time not greasy, doesn't break me out (most of nivea face stuff do actually) affordable!

CONS: Doesn't stay put as long as the Colorstay and the Sheer glow, might be a bit to oily on a very oily skin - but a good primer should take care of that, doesn't have a good colour range - I got the 02 nude cuz it was the lightest out of 5 available in the store but it's a tiny bit too pink for me- but it works.-

Would I recommend?? YES, If you're on a budget or just don't want to spend you money on an expensive foundation when you can pay less this is perfect.. If your looking for great coverage (medium-buildable) with a very nice natural finish this is perfect.. I would recommend the Colorstay if you really want staying power all day through night but if you don't need that I say go fot the NIVEA one =)

Conclution: 4/5 - based on the fact that it just doesn't stay put as long as my revlon Colorstay, otherwise perfect!!

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