lördag 28 maj 2011

Elizabeth Arden Haul

I needed som new sun protectant products so when I saw Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream Sun protectant Stick I had to have it. AND they had a promo goin' on, "Buy two products and get a gift". So I bought the sun protectant for the face aswell, it's oil free!!

The Gift: A make-up bag with the Eight Hour Cream lipstick, daily moisturizer for face (15ml) & Original Eight Hour Cream Skin protectant (50ml). The purchase: Eight Hour Cream Targeted sun defence stick  SPF50 & sun defence for face SPF50..

2 kommentarer:

  1. I have the Eight Hour Cream in a tin and I use it for my lips all the time.. love it! Is the lipstick as good? And how do you use the Eight Hour Cream Targeted sun defence stick?

  2. That's a lovely haul :) The lipstick looks great


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