lördag 14 maj 2011

MU Remover tip - TBS Camomile Gentle Eye Make up remover (great for your kit)

This eye make up remover is a gentle perfume free really easy to use remover. It comes in a 250ml(8.4 us fl oz) bottle and costs 110SEK ( around US$17 & UK £10 - but I'm gessing it's way cheaper in the US).

You only need a cotton pad with this remover on in, let it sit on the eye for a few seconds and then just gently swipe away your make up. This is not made for removing waterproof make up, however it does that too. Just let it sit on your eyes a few seconds more and it works perfectly!

This is the remover I use in my professional kit. It's cheap and works great, it's perfume free, which is very important, you never know when you're gonna do make up on a client who is allergic. Of course you can ask your client (you should ask) but they might not know yet if they are allergic to heavy perfumed products. It's better to be safe than sorry ! ;)

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