onsdag 4 maj 2011

Review - ORIGINS Checks and balances frothy face wash

"When it comes to faces with dry and oily places, it takes a clever cleanser to balance the two. This gentle, frothy face wash carefully does both jobs without canceling each other out. Broad Leaf Kelp Extract discourages excess oil production, while Wheat Protein balances and protects dry prone zones. And Tourmaline actually makes water wetter to more easily disperse dirt and sebum down the drain. There’s also aromatic Bergamot, Spearmint and Lavender to add pleasure to the process. Skin feels comfortably refreshed after cleansing, never tight, pulled or parched."

I say:
This face wash does exactly what they say it does! It balance my combination skin, leaving my dry areas moisturized and my oily areas not oily. When I use this my skin feels freshened and clean and I don't know how to explain it but I feel that it has worked it's magic after every time I use it, I can almost feel it working on my skin hehe.. As I said it leaves my skin feeling clean and soft even if it feels like it's still wokring on my skin after I washed it off.. It also feels nicely cooling when you use, almost like it's camling your skin down..

You don't need a lot of product, a peasize is really enough for you entire face! So it lasts a long long time, I only have a 20ml sample and it has lasted me for months (haven't used it eveyday though but still, I have been using it on and off every 2 weeks or so), with a full size, I wouldn't be surprised if it lasts someone almost half a year.. It smells fantastic, kinda' minty..

If you have combination oily skin I really recommend you try it, ask for a sample, or buy it and if you don't like it give it to someone who might.. But I'm 99% sure that you will like it! ;P

I don't know where they sell Origins in stores in the US but you can buy it online HERE.. Also if you buy it online you get to choose a free sample of a pruduct, right now you have the option of a 5ml sample of their best selling GinZing eye cream that has been talket about by many..

In the UK you can't buy it HERE and in stores, I think I baught my first Balanced diet moisturiser at John Lewis in London.

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