måndag 16 maj 2011

Top 10 Nail polishes for spring/summer..

So I've been reading or watching posts and videos about top 10 polishes for spring/summer like everywhere right now, so I was like "Why not do one myself" hehe so here are my top 10 polishes that I use spring/summer =)

Colours from left to right
OPI Pink of Hearts 2009(LE): A really pretty light pink
OPI Koala bear-y: Gorgeous berry pink! ( the handle has stuck so I can't use this one until I get it open again=/ )
Illamasqua Jan: Dusty kinda' lilac pink, great when you want something pink but not too light and not too cool.
MAC Little girl type(LE): Favourite favourite favourite! Gorgeous lavender!
MAC Soirée(LE): Really pretty bronzy/rosy gold colour! 

Colours from left to right
H&M Being on the A-list: A really fun bright bright "baby chicken" yellow, great when you want something different but still kinda' soft ^^
MAVALA Hong kong: Who doesn't love a peachy coral with a tan??
OPI On collins Ave: Absolute favourite corally bright red!
Barry M Raspberry #273: Great berry red colour, just beautiful.
MAC Mischievous mint(LE): A new favourite of mine, it's just a gorgeous minty blue! Makes you happy when you look at your nails hehe

So, there you have'em =) Hope you enjoyed, would love to see your favourite spring/summer nailpolishes =)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Lovely pick for summer :) MAC mischievous and H&M one look PERFECT for this season.

  2. Awwww thank you for replying :) Now I just have to find this nail color by MAC.


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