fredag 15 juli 2011

How to do perfect French manicure nails at home!

1. Apply a basecoat to protects your nails from discolouring
and the glue from the tejp sticking on to you actual nails.

2. Take a piece of tape and use it to trace you "nail-tip-line".

3. Now paint your white colour on your tips,
as messy as you like =)

4. When it's dried a little bit (not all the way) remove the tape.

5. When the white polish har dried all the way, use a sheer
nude/pink colour and paint a layer of that right over the entire nail.
I used a sheer shimmery pink. O.P.I Princess.

6. Finish with a top coat and you're all done =)

4 kommentarer:

  1. u did a great job on this. =] i love ur oage im not following and would love for u to follow me back

  2. Pretty little nails :) Back when I had long nails (by work does not allow me to do that anymore unfortunately) I used the "small brush dipped in aceton" method and it worked wonders! All my friends thought that my nails were professionally done.

  3. Thanks for the good tip! I will have to try it.

  4. Such a great idea! I've never thought of doing it like this. Great blog xx


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