torsdag 21 juli 2011

Why I DON'T use eyelash curlers...

Some girls (men also) swears by eyelash curles and really can't live without them.. I'm not one of them fortunately.. I've tried many eyelash curlers but still I never get the same results as I do when I don't use them, which is actually great cuz I don't have to take one with me when I go somewhere =) They take up quite a lot of space..

Here are pictures of me wearing mascara, I curled one eye's lashes and skipped it on one eye.. 
Can you see which is which?? =)

Now I did 2 coats on each eye........ 

I put on mascara as usual on my right eye (left here in pictures) and I curled on my left eye (right here in pictures).. So as you can see, an eyelash curler really doesn't do much for me.. I however NEED one in my kit, cuz it can really make a difference on the right person =)

How's your relationship with eyelash curlers? Could you live without? =)

9 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, I wish my eyelashes were like that without a curler!

  2. I think that the different between eyelashes isn't big! Btw your eyelashes are sooo long! Look gorgeous :)

  3. Don't care for them at all! I only used them maybe twice in my life? For my wedding and once for something else, but I really don't need them too. And I'm happy about that, because I'm scared of them LOL

  4. i neeeed them but barely use them because I'm lazy and forgetful. my lashes are terribly wimpy without a curler though :( yours are fab regardless! lucky ducky


  5. I'm like you mostly, I don't ever use them because I don't see much of a difference but I must admit that just earlier today I was thinking of buying a new pair... and I'm not a mua! :P

  6. you have amazing lashes! But the quality of an eye lash curler is crucial! I used to have one from a drugstore that made me hate the idea of eye lash curler.. That was until I decided to try my Shisiedo one which I'm so in love with right now.. Makes a HUGE difference to my lashes.. And i don't feel the need to wear a mascara everyday!

  7. Oj - dina ögonfransar var ju snyggare böjda utan franböjare! Nu är jag avis... Mina fransar är hemskt raka och frissiga. Utan ögonfransböjare är jag helt lost. MÅSTE ha!

    Förresten... jag tänkte på det att jag skriver på svenska när jag kommenterar på din blogg. Vill du hellre att jag skriver på engelska så att det blir "rätt" för andra? Your choice! :)

  8. Svarade på din fråga på min blogg, men lägger in det här också. :) Jag använde Chanel Vitalumiere i färgen 30. Älskar den! Stod i valet och kvalet på att köra med en TM, men bestämde mig för att ta en foundation. Mycket nöjd med det! :)

  9. Haha! Ja, det är sant! Jag ställer frågor lite här och där och glömmer av hälften. ;) Bättre så här. :)


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