lördag 20 augusti 2011

Dupe alert - MAC Misschievous Mint vs. H&M Mint Green polish

Ever since I got the MAC Misschievous mint polish from the Quite Cute collection it has been a fave of mine. A true companion I would say ^^ Now, when I got the Summer nails minis kit from H&M about a week ago and I wore the Light Blue one and then the Mint Green one I found myself thinking "wow this polish reminds me of my MAC one" about both of them. So I thought I would compare them today. And seriously I found a 100% dupe for my LE MAC polish that I love sooooo much.

I mean, just look!
MAC Misschievous Mint - H&M Mint Green - H&M Light Blue

MAC Misschievous Mint - H&M Mint Green - H&M Light Blue

The Light Blue one is way more light blue (as the name suggests) than the other two and doesn't have any hint of green in it (yes in the pictures it's quite similar but trust me it's not). But the other two are exact spot on dupes! SO if you missed out on the Quite Cute collection from MAC and have been wanting the super duper awesome Misschievous mint polish I suggest you go out to an H&M store and see if they have the little Summer nails Kit (4 mini polishes for 39.90 SEK = £3.88 = $6-26). Maybe they even have it as a normal sized polish? I'm not sure..

Both MAC and H&M polishes has great formulations and they are set with just 2 coats. They are both smooth and easy to work with. I'm so happy I found a dupe of my beloved MAC one, cuz now I don't have to be careful of how much I use it ^^ 

What do you guys think? Do you like mint polishes? =)

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  1. they really look similar. nice dupes. thanks for sharing :D

    BTW, I'm having my giveaway. I hope you can join.


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