tisdag 23 augusti 2011

Review - John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening spray

I bought this when I was in Amsterdam a few weeks ago. I had been wanting this for so long and couldn't find it here in Stockholm. Anyways.. I've been using it since I got it and it definately works!

What John Frieda says:
Versatile, patent-pending formula with citrus and chamomile works with styling heat to gradually lighten and brighten for a natural-looking, blonder blonde. Contains thermo-protectant. Patent-pending technology combines fixative and conditioning polymers that retain hydrogen peroxide, allowing for control of lightening. Visibly lightens in 3-5 uses.

I say:
It has definately made my roots lighter. I have now used maybe 7 times (I don't use hair dryer or flat iron every time I've washed my ahir) and it has made a big difference. The mark between my coloured har and my roots has faded a bit and my roots are not looking as dull as they usually do (you know that greyish rat blonde). You do not need much of the product. I spray about 3 times on my roots and then maybe once lifting the hair on both sides of my face. I did see results in maybe 4-5 uses.
Now they say it has heat protectant in it allready but I always use my Tresemme heat defence anyways, just to be safe =)

I really recommend you giving this a try if you wanna lighten some areas (like the roots) of your hair. Maybe you just wanna maintane the summerhighlight you've gotten out in the sun during summer? I bet it would work great for keeping that sunkissed look for longer =)

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  1. Yikes, I have really dark hair and I don't want to lighten them! But it looks great for blondes :)))


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