söndag 13 november 2011

My Halloween costume! - Mystique from X-men First Class

Hi guys!
I know I haven't beenn blogging as I've been meaning to but I've been really busy.. This Webdesigning business is taking up so much time, it's fun though =)

Anyways last weekend I was at a Halloween party and at this party we all go ALL IN.. It's so much fun.. I decided to go as Mystique from the latest X-men movie First Class..

I used a very very blue eyeshadow from Kryolan and buffed that into my skin as an all over colour. For the "stuff" Mystique has all over her body I uses liquid latex and cut out the pattern I wanted and then used spirit gum to attach them. Than I painted them with a cream bluu colour also from Kryolan =)

Me and the Hostess =)
My lips were also blue in the beginning but they faded the more I ate and drank ^^ ;)

Every year we wote fro the best women and best man costume and I won =) with Robin as Donny Darko =)

I did make the vest myself out of a really cheap yellow t-shirt..
The neck faded the more the jacke rubbed on it sadly =/

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