tisdag 29 november 2011

NOTD - O.P.I Blue my mind + Glitter Michigan

I've been completely obsessed with blues and glitters lately so today I went Aaall in hehe =) One of my Favorite royal blues is O.P.Is Blue my mind, it's sooo pretty. The only negative thing about it is that it's a bit sheer so you need 3 layers =/ It's a really old colour so the formula wasn't as great as O.P.I polishes today I guess (I have a few others from that time that I have the same problem with)..

Anyways, I used Emite Glitter in Michigan (my makeup school's glitter) on my ringfingers to ad some sparkle =)

I just love the look of deep royal blue on my (and anyones) nails, soooo pretty!

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