måndag 9 januari 2012

Essie Haul - My first ever Essie polishes!

I sure you guys all know of Essie Nail polishes. They're a lot of beauty bloggers/vloggers favorite polishes and geat raved about a lot! I've always been curious about them but thaught that they were just to exspensive for me (129 SEK = £12.07 = $18.63).

But just before christmas I decided too buy two polishes as a gift for myself. My choice fell on the gorgeous raspberry red Size Matters and the nude Guchi Muchi Puchi. Both very nice applicationswise and they wear great on your nails.

After christmas they had a deal on Essie polishes (2 for 179 SEK = £16.75 = $25.86) so I couldn't resist using some of the money I got for christmas and I bought yet another two polishes. This time I went for a beautiful bright melon colour called Watermelon and the famous minty colour Mint Candy Apple.

Size Matters, Guchi Muchi Puchi, Mint Candy Apple, Watermelon

Size Matters is really similar to Barry M's Raspberry. They're pretty much identical but I like the application of Size Matters better so I gonna give my Raspberry to a friend. I absolutely adore these kinds of reds!

Guchi Muchi Puchi is a pink nude that you can wear as a sheer wash to make your nails look a bit more healthy or build it up with 3 coats to get a that soft pink nude look.Soo nice! My firts nude!

Min Candy Apple is a really bright minty colour that makes your nails look so nice and fun! If yu've followed my blog for a while you all know I LOVE MAC's Misschievous Mint and these two are exact dupes!!! So I don't have to be afraid to use up my MAC one anymore (I've used half) =) And for those of you who missed out on Misschievous Mint (it was LE) I seriously suggest you pick up Mint Candy Apple!!

Watermelon is that bright pinkish coral that will look awesome on my nails during summertime. I havenät worn this yet but I'm guessing I will love this one as much as the other ones ^^ =)

Do you own any Essie polishes? Have any favorites?

8 kommentarer:

  1. I love Essie polishes :) I'm addicted to their little mini sets because I never get through full sized bottles of polish but they're still easy to use (unlike OPI). You should try beautybay.com - I think they're offering free delivery at the moment!xx

  2. @Stacey- I almost bought a mini set on ASOS sale after christmas but they only had one set and it included Size Matters that I just bought so I didn't ^^ I will check out Beauty Bay, I think they always have free delivery though =)

  3. ooh great pics! MCA and Watermelon are just SCREAMING summer!

  4. @prettyinthedesert- I know =) Allthough I think that minty blues and greens are just as pretty during winter =)

  5. I've been lusting after Mint Candy Apple for so long when it came out... until I found a dupe in Revlon Minted <3

  6. @G A B Y - Well then I'm glad you found the Revlon one =) Ufortunately Revlon is not available here in Sweden =( So sad!

  7. God Essie nail polishes are super expensive where you live! I thought we had it bad at 8 pounds a pop, but WOW! You chose some gorgeous colours, I have Mint Candy Apple and I love it <3

  8. @Summer - I know it's crazy! I don't know why there's such a deifference between the UK pricing and the Swedish pricing, it should be around the same I think ^^


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