tisdag 31 januari 2012

January Favorites 2012

This month has gone by so fast but at the same time so slow.. hmm I don't know what it is but it feels like it should be just right after new years but at the same time it feels like it should be the end of the month aswell haha excuse me I'm a little tired atm ^^

End of the month and therefor time for my monthly favorites.. I have a few new products to show you as I started the new year with some serious shopping hehe

Bed Head Urban Anti+Dotes Shampoo and Conditioner
says on the bottle that it's perfects for dry and damaged hair and will give you reslults in just a few uses. It really does, it leaves my hair feeling soft, moiturized, smooth, gives it a silky look and all that!! Ah I love love love these!! Smell amazing too!

Benefit The POREfessional pore minimizing primer
Minimizes the pores brilliantly! And mine are HARD to cover up!!

MAC Blush Bite of an apple (LE)
I been wearing this blush a whole lot this month, as it gives that perfect "just been out in the cold+sun" look. It's LE from the Venomous Villians collection but if you can find a colour that is a true apple red I suggest you try it out!

Essie Guchi Muchi puchi
The perfect pinky nude nail polish! Applies great and easy. Needs 3 coats to be opaque but you can get by with 2 just for that polishes classy look =)

DIOR Blush 839 Vintage Pink
Gorgeous pink with a gorgeous gold satin sheen. So so nice!

Viva La Diva Mix & Match Brow colours
Been back into using shadow for my brows lately. Dont know why but this trio is the one I go to when I want shadow. The lightest colour is perfect for my brows and it lasts a long time aswell. Cheap too ;P

What products have you been loving this month??

4 kommentarer:

  1. The mac and dior blush look really nice.

  2. I'm glad the POREfessional works for you, it seems to work well for everybosy except me and my huge pores ):

  3. @Beautyshades- They really are =)

  4. @G A B Y- aw I'm sorry it doesn't work for you =( have you tried layering it a bit more just on the areas where you need it??


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