lördag 22 januari 2011

A few things that should help with your skin..

A common problem that many have with their skin is that even though you clean your face every night your skin doesn't clear up.. These tips might help if you have that problem! =) These are things anyone should be doing, no matter skintype!

 First of all make sure you use products that's specially designed for your skintype.. Dry skin needs a bit more oil(sometimes a lot) than combination skin, and oily skin often need no extra oil (doesn't mean you should dry out your skin, drying out your skin only fools your skin to produce more oil)..
Second, after you used a cleanser (gel, cream, mousse whatever) use a face cloth, do not use your towel that you wipe your hands with, it's full of nasty stuff ^^
Third, ALLWAYS use a toner to clean up any makeup particles that wasn't cleansed off with the cleanser, and to prepare your skin for your moisturizer. IF you don't usually do this, DO. If you don't do it your moisturizer will lock in the particles that wasn't cleansed off, and it will do it's damage to the skin .. I can't stress enough how imortant this is! It's also important to wipe your face with a toner in the morning before you put your moisturizer and makeup on. The skin picks upp particles from your pillow and so on during the night..

Now, a brand that I really love is ORIGINS.. Their products are just beautiful and are 100% natural, so you don't need to worry about weird chemicals and so on.. I have combination/oily skin and I use the Origins Balanced diet moisturizer, it's made to keep your oily areas under control but at the same time keep the dry areas moisturized, I use it morning and night.. This really works for me, my skin has never been better, and I suffered from acne when I was a teenager.. If you are unsure of what skintype you have just ask the ladies at the counters (any skincare brand) and they will help you..

So I hope this was helpful =)

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  2. great post :) the product sounds nice


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