söndag 13 februari 2011

MAC Kissable Lipcolours - Exxhibitionist & Enchantée

Review/First impressions!

I was really curious about this new trend with liquid listicks when it came. I think Chanel was first to come out with them and then everyone else jumped on the wagon. I think it's just a brilliant! idea.. I myself tend to not like lipglosses, I think most of them are too shiny and too sticky and also too sheer.. So I tend to use creamy lipsticks instead when I want colour on my lips, but sometimes that feels a little bit boring and I want some more shine but not as shiny as glosses.. So for me this is just perfect!

Now, I do still want to try the Chanel ones (can't remember what they are called) but they are very expensive. But the MAC Kissable colours are  not that expensive and therefore I could justify it ^^

The collection of lipcolours had a lot of beautiful shades, from red to very very nude to coral and pink. I bet anyone could find a colours that are suitable. I grabbed the coral red Exxhibitionist and the pale pink Enchantée.
They feel very creamy on the lips and the actually stay put quite nicely without a lipliner.. They are very pigmented so they are very easy to cover you lips with in just a few swipes.. I really really like these =)



FOTD with Exxhibitionist on the lips..

My favorite of the two I must say is the bright coral red Exxhibitionist.. It's a great alternative fro those that doesn't feel very comfortable in bright red but still want some kinda' red colour, just a little bit softer.. This colour will also look AMAZING in the summer with a tan =D

The Pale pink Enchantée reminds me a lot of Creme Cup lilpstick and The Viva Glam Gaga one.. It's kinda' a mixture between those two actually..

I really recommend trying out these Kissable Lipcolours from MAC, they are very much worth the money =)

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