måndag 21 mars 2011

New Victoras Secret stuff =)

So I have a friend that has a sister that has a father that work in the US a lot.. So he shops VS for them all the time! This time they had some thing left over for me =) yay!

Secret Charm & Pear Glacé & Love Spell Body lotions!! I'm guessing that the small ones (50ml) are from sets that they baught but didn't like the lotions ^^

I have the Pear Glacé one and I've used half of it so it was a nice surprise to get another one =) The small ones I think I'm gonna use a s hand lotions, just handy in the purse!

I also got some samples that they didn't want.. I LOVE samples so I don't know why they are giving these away ! I love trying new products!

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