tisdag 17 maj 2011


So when I took pictures of my Top 10 blushes ( yes coming up in near future^^ ) and swatched them I noticed that MAC's MSF in Stereo Rose and MAC's Springsheen blush were very similar.. SO similar that I have a hard time seeing which is which ^^ So I thought I have to share this incredible discovery =)

Stereo Rose MSF + Springsheen blush

I'm gessing that some of you missed out when MAC's repromoted the very hiped up MSF in Stereo Rose. Don't worry or hold your breath til it comes out again, just go pick up Springsheen blush instead! =)

The similarity is 99% I would say. Stereo Rose has a slightly more pink/cooler sheen and Springsheen has a slightly more golden/warmer sheen. Other than that thery're identical!!

Unfortunately I couldn't take good swatchpictures of them =( You will have to make due with this picture of the actuall blushes.. I'm gessing though that Temptalia has some great swatches of them =)

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