onsdag 18 maj 2011

Current Hair care products...

My hair is naturally very frizzy/dry, it's thick and it's curly. So I need moisturizing products for my hair so it doesn't break and looks like a birds nest ^^ This is what I use at the moment (style products not included)..

TRESemmé Heat defence styling spray - I use this smoothing heat spray to protect my hair when blowdrying or straightning. Makes my hair really soft and shiny.
TBS Banana Conditioner - This conditioner is my new fave conditioner ( I also love the TRESemmé anti breakage), I love the smell of it, I love the feel of it, I love how it makes my hair soft and moisturized, I just love it =)
L´anza' Hair repair Shampoo - My hairdresser gave this to me (with the conditioner, I used it all up ^^) after I sat in her chair for more than 3 hours (she freakin' chopped half of my hair hehe) and it's a moisturizing and healing shampoo. I like it a lot, makes my hair soft and I feel it's actually stronger now. If it's because of this one product or all om them together I don't know, But I know it works somehow =)
L´anza' Healing strenghth silk serum - I put this through all of my hair (remember I have frizzy hair so I can't get away with just putting it in my ends) and it helps with the frizz and strenghth of my hair..

I would do a styling product post, the only thing is I basically only use the Swartzkopf OSIS+ Dustit when styling my hair. I use it when I feel I need more volume. I usually just straighten my hair or just keep it wavy/curly, when doing that I only need the heat defence and serum.. =) Even when I had my long hair =)

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