måndag 23 maj 2011

New goodies from Boots..

So I tweeted during friday that I had gotten some goodies from Boots.. Here they are =)

I know! I just posted a Current hair care post, but I'm running out of my L´anza' shampoo so when I saw that Boots had an offer going on their Botanics haircare I thought why not. It was "buy a botanics shampoo of your choice and get the conditioner for free" - a great offer in other words. So I went for the shimmering blonde ones, I thought it would be perfect for summer, to help get some more healthy glow in my hair. Have only tried it once and didn't notice anything really, but it was a nice pair of shampoo and conditioner so I will continue to use it and hopefully the shimmer might show up ^^

The wipes I mainly got beacause I was out of my Nivea pure&natural ones, and these are good for oily skin, which I have. So again "why not". The pore strips I also got because I'm out of my Nivea ones ^^

Have any of you guys tried these products?? How did you like them ?? =)

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  1. I've tried stuff from their range but not the actual products! Let us know how the pore trips are! :)


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