tisdag 7 juni 2011

May Favourites!!

Origins VitaZing tinted moisturizer - Do I really need to say anything 'bout this?? ^^
The Body Shop Vitamin E Face mist - New staple (review here)
Max Factor 2000 calorie dramatic look mascara - Rediscovery for me, gives great full lashes in one coat!
MAC MSFN light medium - gorgeous for setting the VitaZing, think I need a new darker one though ^^
Depend Multipolish - works as a base aaand topcoat! And weel at that..
MAC Nail Lacquer in Little girl type & Misschievous mint (LE) - I think I've gone on about these enough ^^
NARS Brozer in Laguna - Need I say more than I just hit pan??
MAC Blushes in Well dressed & Pink Swoon - Been loving pink cheeks for some reason =)
Peggy Sage Crayon Khôl in Curacao - been loving this on the lower lashline, and it stays on better than my MAC pencils...

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