lördag 11 juni 2011

Products I regret buying.... Vol. 1

I'm not the one to not do a review of something a I actually don't like, but sometimes it's no fun ^^ So I thaught I would do a Products I regret buying - produts I've bought but not really liked or just plain out hated.. enjoy ^^

Coastal Scents / BH Cosmetics  88 original/matte palette - whatever the brand/store ( the palettes are made in China and the brands just stamp their logo on it), this  is the palette I regret buying the most. It's ok if you consider the money you spend on it, but the pigmentation, staying power, application of the shadows are just not good. I never use the palette...

Estee Lauder Day wear + Sheer tint release - is a gorgeous product but does not work for combination/oily skin. It made me break out so much!! I gave it to my mum =)

MAD Minerals pigments - These are great great pigments, but I just don't use them. I tend to avoid pigments as much as I can. If you like pigment I really recommend you try out mad minerals but for me I'm just not a pigment user ^^ Their oose mineral foundation is one of my faves though, they have really great matte shades and their not exspensive at all. =) Find them HERE

MAC Oil control lotion - This moisturizer did not control my oils and it made me break out... enough said!

MAC Prep+prime skinbase spf 50 - This just doesn't work for me. It doesn't make my foundation stay on and it doesn't even out, my pores are almost enlarged :/ might be nice for dryer skin though :/

Boots botanics Shimmering blonde shampoo & conditioner - It's a functioning shampoo and conditioner but not more. It washes my hair but does not give it that lustre blonde colour I hoped it would.. Good thing is that it didn't hurt my wallet ^^

So this was volume 1 of the Products I regret buying.. I'm sure there will be a volume 2, when I've gotten some more not so nice products  ^^

3 kommentarer:

  1. Great post! I love posts like these :) Cute blog, have a nice weekend!

  2. Great post! :) however I am surprised that you don't like BH or Coastal Scents palettes which is absolutely OK for a person like you ( because you're a makeup artist) :). I agree with you that they're not as good but they're cheap and good for people who have just started with makeup :)

  3. I had a 88 eyeshadow palette and gave it away after swatching it, I didn't even try to use it, the quality was just awful!


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