tisdag 21 juni 2011

Too Faced Eye Love Palette! A GREAT alternative..

So when this came to me today I was so jumping up and down ^^ As it is hard for me to get a hold UD Naked Palette (and for others) I thought this would be a great alternative, cuz you get 8 completely wearable nice colours in one palette for £24! I bought mine at ASOS..

This is how it comes in package:

I the Eye Love palette Too Faced has put 2 shadows from each of their other so so popular palettes (Natural eye kit, Romantic eye kit, Naked eye kit and Smokey eye kit) together in ONE sleek little palette.. It also comes with a travel Shadow Insurance primer =) So it has ALL you need without being big and bulky (like the original palettes are)!

This is IT:

From the left: Natural eye colours- Heaven & Push-Up, Smokey ey colours- Silver Spoon & Smolder, Naked eye colours- Satin Sheets & Like a Virgin, Romantic eye colours- Honeymoon & Ever After

From left: Heaven- matte cream colour, Silver Spoon- shimmery/metallic silver, Satin Sheets- shimmery pinky nude, Honeymoon- shimmery/metallic gold with a hint of green

From left: Push-Up - shimmery/metallic Rosy bronze, Smolder- matte black, Like a Virgin- matte taupe, Ever After- shimmery/metallic bronze

I immediately thought of Mac's Copperplate when I saw Like a Virgin, and of Mac's Paint pot Constructivist when I saw Ever After. So I had to compare!! =)
Above is Copperplate and in the middle is Like a Virgin- Now they don't look as identical as they do irl but trust me, they're exact!! Maybe Like a Virgin has a tiny bit more of a satin finish, and that's maybe why it's showing up a bit more grey..

To the right is Ever after with Constructivist in the end- So basically Ever After is the shimmery shadow version of Constructivist ^^

First impressions:
Seriously a great palette! Has all the colours I would need when going away, no matter for how long, and the shadows are highly pigmented and stays on (I think) cuz I really had to rub my arm 4 times with soap and water  before it all came off!! So satyingpower made a great first impression hehe. Also I don't own the UD Naked palette and I think now that I have this palette I won't get it even if I could =) I however wish that Heaven was more like Mac's Vanilla, cuz it barely shows up on me as you can see in the swatches =/ But hey maybe with a white eyeliner I could get by with it as a highlighter ^^

What do you think? Do you own this palette? Do you want it?
I suggest you get it if you don't have it =)

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  1. I don't have this...BUT I WANT IT NOW!! Hehehe It is soo cute!

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  3. Great palette and swatches. I want this! Haha.


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  4. I have the Urban Decay naked palette and have been thinking I wanted to get this one as well. After reading your post I don't think I need this one because they do seem very similar. Great post and swatches.

  5. This looks really beautiful, i love Too Faced :)

    Love Christine ♥


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