tisdag 12 juli 2011

Easy Summer Hairstyle #1

Hi guys!
Wow long time no see.. I've been super busy with all kinds of stuff so I haven't had time to even sit down with my computer at all.. But it has slowed down now =)

I was thinking of doing some hairstyle posts/tutorial.. As the title says "Easy summer hairstyle".. They're gonna be easy and not take to much time and will be great for a lot of occasions =) I hope you like it!

This is a Go-to hairstyle of mine during summer, it's easy, pretty and girlie =) How to do it?:

1. Wash your hair at night before goind to bed. Braid it in just a normal big braid (or french braid for more curles) and then go to bed letting the hair dry during sleep..
2. Take out the braid and start braiding small braids here and there in you hair. Use a small elastic hairtie.
3. Take the front sections/bangs and take a hairpin and just pin back both of them. Done =)

If you have finer hair that tends to not hold curles, either use a curlingiron or use some hairmousse before braiding your hair when it's damp.  And when you're all done, use hairspray =)

5 kommentarer:

  1. so lovely :) this kind of hairstyle is perfect for summer! it remind me of beach party!

  2. Your hair looks ridiculously healthy! Do you use anything special or is it just genes?

  3. Supersnyggt!! Jag gillar att lägga till små flätor när jag sätter upp håret och det här var ett enkelt och snyggt sätt att göra det! Tack för tipset.

    Vart utbildade du dig till mua förresten? Jag gick på Siljansbackens makeupskola och där ingick inget smink. På gott och ont...

  4. I love this hairstyle!



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