torsdag 4 augusti 2011

Amsterdam Haul - Clinique & John Frieda

Now these two products I found randomly when going in to the drugstore Da, last shop before going to the hotel to check out and go home. We went in because I saw that they had a huge sale going on (as many other stores) and I just got sucked in..

On the first shelf of hairstuff I find the John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening spray that I've been wanting to try for a few months now. I haven't been able to find it here in Stockholm so I was happy to find it there and at the great price €7.95. I found out today that it would have cost me around €15 here in sweden, so that was a good deal for me =P (it was not in the sale).

I also found the Clinique Liquid facial soap for combination/oily skin. This was on sale for €15.95, which also is a great deal for me cuz it wold probable cost me around €30 here in sweden. So the price won me over and I needed a new cleanser cuz I'm almost out of my little 30ml Origins Checks and balaces.

So here they are =) I've only tried both of them once, but I have them with me at my mom's atm so we'll see how I feel after the week =) Have you tried any of these products?

6 kommentarer:

  1. The John Frieda Go Blonder spray is AMAZING. It makes my roots several shades lighter and brightens up my blonde highlights.

    You're going to love it! Keep in mind it's heat activated though - it'll work better if you use it on damp hair before blow drying.


  2. Im looking forward for your review :D

  3. I've tried the Clinique cleanser and really liked it :)
    As for lightening products, I tried one back in the day, and on my dark hair, it turned them sort of rusty-reddish. One word. Ew :P It should probably work better on your blonde locks!

  4. I love those products!!

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