tisdag 2 augusti 2011

Behind the scenes - Today's shoot

We had such an amazingly smooth shoot today it's crazy. It was one of those days when everything just falls into place and comes out even better than you've hoped for! Such a great feeling.. I worked with Jörgen and Elina again (as I did on the 70's inspired shoot) and a model named Jessica. We worked so perfectly together and as I said, everything just fell into place and came out better than we expected =)

Here are some behind the scenes I took while having the time =)

We started of with a natural flawless face.
Then we added some bold red lips =)

Elina the stylist in action..

Me and Elina combined our skills in hair and did Jessicas hair ourselves =)
Lil' bit of a 20's feel. LOVE!

Jessica is workin' it..

Such a pretty girl! The last look we went for makeup-wise, was strong brows and bare face.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Ah love it you are so talented!: )

  2. Oh wow, beautiful! And am LOVING the 20's inspired look!

  3. wow! you did a very good job on her make up!! i love the red lips! im a new follower! :)

    hope you could follow me too http://ishalovesmakeup.blogspot.com/

  4. Väldigt snyggt!! Vad var bilderna till? Kan man hitta dem någonstans sedan?

  5. could you please do a makeup break down? :)


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