torsdag 1 september 2011

August favourites!

Can you guy beleive it's september allready??? I can't, crazy! Anyways September is here and it's time to rally up the August favourites =)

Head & Shoulders Hydrating smooth and silky Shampoo & Conditioner - I have a very sensitive scalp from time to time so I sometimes need a more hydtrating shampoo and conditioner that will help my scalp aswell as my hair. These does he trick. My scalp doesn't feel as dry and sensitive anymore and my hair is silky and soft. It's smells gorgeous aswell =)

The body shop Coconut Body butter - I bet you've all tried this one before and loved it as much as I do. I usually get very sick of the coconut smell during summer, but when summer is almost over I tend to use this just because it is so moisturizing and I feel it's summer just a litlle while longer =)

CLEAN Outdoor shower fresh perfume - Been obsessed with this one the whole month. I just love it!

O.P.I Nail polish Koala Bear-y - This is such an amazing berry pink it's crazy. It has an amazing formula aswell. I can actually get away with just one coat sometimes, but just to be safe I always do 2 coats but still. Formula is amazing =)

Garnier Tinted Eye Roll-on - So easy for those days when you don't have much to do, maybe some grocery shopping or something. I just roll on some under my eyes, dot it all in, finish the skin with some powder and blush and that makes me look so natural and fresh. Love it!

MAC eyeshadow All That Glitters - I've been using it all over the lid those days when I just want a little bit righter eyes. Such an easy colour to wear.

Special Favourite:
Bicycle helmets - A few days ago, a man almost ran me and Balto over but he managed to just in time stear away but the bike went down and he went up in the air flying towards a moving car and he hit the car (on the side) with back of his hed, neck and shoulders. I'm sooo thankful he had a helmet on, his head would be crushed if he didn't. He got away with just a soar shoulder and some scratches on his legs.
So please people, wear a helmet when biking in the city!!

2 kommentarer:

  1. I feel like I'm the only one who havaen't tried The Body Shop Body Butters, but my budget is too tight ): I've heard a lot about All That Glitters too, seems to be quite popular!

  2. Sometimes I have lots of dandruff and I used to use head and shoulders but they weren't of any use. In fact it got worse!


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