onsdag 31 augusti 2011

Products I've hit pan on atm..

Since I use so many different products all the time, eyeshadows blushes etc. It's rare that I hit pan on something so quickly. BUUUT I have hit pan on 3 products atm. My absolute fave eyeshadow highlight, my fave blush and my fave bronzer (chocker that they are my absolute faves right? ;P)

This is one of my favourite blushes ever. NARS Deep throat. 
It's kind of a weird place for hitting the pan but when I got the blush it was a little 
(tiny tiny tiny) dent there along the side, so I guess that's why ^^

My fave bronzer, NARS Laguna. In summer time I rarely wear a lot of makeup. I usually go with a TM, concealer, bronzer and blush on my face so I've been using this every day since summer began.

MAC eyeshadow Vanilla.. OMG this is my must have absolute fave hoghlighter ever. 
It's easy to work with, easy to build up, it has a nice finish (satin) not too shimmery or matte. 
It's just theeeeeee perfect highlighting shade =)

What have you hit pan on recently?? 

4 kommentarer:

  1. I haven't hit any recently but have loads of stuff that has the majority of the pan showing! :P They're all bronzers and powders though, I think that says a lot :P

  2. OMG I have never EVER hit pan on a powder makeup product! Congrats, that's awesome!

  3. wow, hitting pan on a nars blush... now that's something XD **

  4. I have not hit pan on my deep throat yet, but I agree it's a great color! I'm about to hit pan on on my naked lunch eyeshadow and possibly my MSF Natural.


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