torsdag 17 november 2011

Loose glitter on nails...

I have quite a few cosmetics glitters at home just beacause I'm always drawn to them, they're so pretty, but when I buy them and get them home I use them maybe once or twice. So I thought I needed another way to use my glitters. ON MY NAILS!

Said and done =)

(Because I'm awful at being careful with my nails they have worn down a bit, I took a shower almost right after I was done with them = bad idea)

FACE Stockholm glitter in Galaxy

I went for a simple way to use the glitter, on my tips. So the first thing I did was paint my nails with a sheer nude colour just to get a prettier base than my normal pinky shiny brittle nails ^^
When that had dried completely I took a top coat and painted my tips. Starting with the thumb, than I dipped my thumb upsidedown in the glitter - then, gently padded down the glitter so it really stuck on the top coat, then on to the next finger. After the top coat and the glitter had dried I gently brushed away access glitter and then painted 2 coats of top coat over all my nails =)

I love the look of glitter tips. makes me feel like I've had them done by a proffesional but I haven't.
So If you're like me have loose glitters at home you just don't use that often, try using them on your nails =)
(make sure you let every layer of polish and topcoat dry, maybe let them dry even for an hour just to be safe)

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