söndag 20 november 2011

New Scent - Diesel Loverdose

So I got this perfume as a gift when I drove my mom and her friend to a party, (she works in the beauty industry so we always get something like makeup or perfume when we meet her).

I've always thought that Diesel fragrances for women are a bit "hit or miss" and mostly misses. But this one was actually a hit for me. I'm usually a fresh/floral/fruity kinda' girl and Loverdose is nothing like that. It's warm, sweet and sensual, but still in a "not too much" way. I think it suitable for nights out, holiday parties and such. 

The notes include:  mandarin, star anise, gardenia, jasmine, licorice, vanilla, amber and wood.

I think maybe it's the licorice and vanilla that makes me like this fragrance =) AND the adorable bottle!!

1 kommentar:

  1. I love love love this perfume! I'm a fan of Diesel fragrances *.*


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