torsdag 24 november 2011

My lovely bf came home with a gift..

Sometimes my boyfriend John comes home with a gift for me. He can't help it he's just built that way. Sometimes it's flowers and sometimes it's makeup and this time it was bodycare..

He had a dj job at a cruise this past weekend and those cruises have duty free shops. Naturally John couldn't help but buying a few things =)

As you can se John got me some The Body Shop products. I LOVE TBS...

I got two of the new "Earth lovers" shower gels - Apricot / Basil and Cucumber / Mint. And I got a lovely set of mini boby butters. I love having the mini versions of the body butters, they are so handy to keep in your purse to use on your hands or where ever you're dry, and the scent always linger a while so you smell good when you've used them =)

This set included my all time favorites Moringa, Coconut and Mango. I'm not to crazy about the Shea one, but my mom loves that one so I might give that one to her =)

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