torsdag 24 november 2011

Holiday gift ideas - Sigma Brush Kits..

Now, this is some I own and use myself. I love this set pf trael brushes. It has everything you need 4 face brushes (+ you get a free travel dual fiber brush with this set) a powder brush, an angeled blush brush, a flat foundation brush and a concealer brush. Also you get 3 eye brushes, a flat eyeshadow brush, a blending brush, and a pencil brush. AND when you buy for a sertain amount from Sigma they tend to send you a free travel E25 (the one shaped like the MAC #217) so you really get 4 eye brushes aswell.

The brushes are so soft and are of great quality, And really you don't need any other brushes. At the price of $39 you really can't go wrong with this set.. For the ones more into the colour pink, this set also comes in pink =)

Now if you have a little more money to spend I really recommend checking out Sigmas other sets of brushes. I myself am a little tempted by the new The Cities Travel Kits. Especially the Paris one, oh so pretty!!

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