onsdag 14 december 2011

Holiday gift ideas - Skincare for him (or her) with oily skin!

Maybe you've got a friend, brother/sister or a cousin that really doesn't know how to take care of their skin. Maybe they even have som acne problems and still doesn't know how to deal (let's face it most of us that has acne prone skin do everything we can to make the skin looking nice so they probably do know something) with it..

Here are a few products that I swear by that would make great gifts for him and her =)

The Body Shop Tea tree face mask - I absolutely love this product! Whenever I have a breakout I use this and the next it's all cleared up. It's really a mirace worker. It is very strong so you use either once a week (if you break out quite often) or when you get a breakout (like me). You put this on your clean face for 10 minutes and then wash it off, use a toner and then your moisturizer. I gave a sample of this to a friend who has a boyfriend with acen, and he LOVED it so he went and bought the full size tub =)

TBS Tea Tree skin clearing toner - A lot of people don't use toner and I have noo idea why. A toner is absolutely crucial to get your skin clean and clear. A toner removes the bakteria and other stuff that your cleanser missed, it also cleans your pores better than just a cleanser. You should use a toner everyday before you moisturize so that you don't make the misstake of "locking" in the excess bakteria and dirt when you use your moisturizer. Maybe if you have dry skin you can get by without a toner but if you have combination/oily skin you must use one. it will really make a difference. This particular toner helped me clear up my skin in just a few months and now I use the seaweed one cuz it's more gentle. but when ever my skin freaks out I need this toner!

TBS Seaweed mattifying day cream - Moisturizing is key for keeping breakouts and spots away. Many makes the mistake of drying out the skin but that will only trick the skin into thinking it need to produce more oil. So you see the problem there! A moisturizer that does exactly that- moisturize, and keeps the oils away is what you need. this one is a great one, it sinks into the skin quickly but still moisturizes your skin throughout the day and yet it manages to keep oils away. I use this one when I need to save some money and can't go buy my beloved Origins Balanced diet, and it works really great!

I think these three products would make a great gift for someone who needs a little help with the skincare. It's not too expensive but still great quality products!

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  1. I've used this toner and it's nice but I've always heard that toners with alcohol in them cause more harm for your skin than good! What do you think about this especially bc the body shop toner has loads of alcohol in it!

  2. @blog-a-beauté - Too much alcohol is defenately bad for the skin but when you use it the right way it's actually ok. As I wrote, this particular toner helped me get my skin to a point where I could use another toner without alcohol. I think when you use a toner with alcohol it's really important to use a good moisturizer. Cuz' that's really the bad thing about alcohol, it dries out the skin.

    And depending on what problems you have with your skin it can be good or bad =)


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