måndag 19 december 2011

Holiday gift ideas - Travalo.. For him and Her!

We all travel a lot in our lives. We co back and forth to work, travel on vacations, go to see our family that lives elesewhere. We travel a lot!!

I'm sure you all have heard about the Travalo, a sleek perfume spray tube thingy.. It holds 4ml and I think 50-60 sprays so it will last for quite some time. It's perfect for airplanes as it is so small..

It's easy to get the perufme in the tube as you just take the cap off from the perfume and place the travalo on it and then pump. So this little genious thing I think anyone would be glad to recieve as a gift. they come in multiple colours like gold, silver, pink, blues and so on.. So depending on if you'll give it to a girl or boy you can choose the colour best suited.. Here in Sweden it costs 115 SEK and I think around $10 in the US. So not too exspensive I think =)

Find out more about the Travalo here!

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