lördag 17 december 2011

Christmas came early - Style By Tyra event goodiebag..

So last night me and a few friends went to an event in form of a fashion show that Style By Tyra hosted. My boyfriend who's an eventplanner got me and my friends in as VIP haha.. Ooooh the looks you get when you're let in to the party first infront of the "regular" people..

You guys mght not know who Tyra is. She's a blogger here in Sweden that started a jewelry shop online called Style by Tyra. The company grew and she's one of the biggest bloggers over here and now she's created a clothing line. You can find her on her blog or her online store... (they do ship worldwide)...

Anyways.. The show was fantastic and I saw a few dresses that I liked but I actually enjoyed the dancers that started the show more, they were the best part. They were amazing! unfortunately I didn't take my camera with me so I don't have any photos of the actua event but I have taken pictures of the goodiebags we got as VIPs =)

She really spoiled all of us with an amazing goodiebag worth so much money..

It was stuffed with great prdoucts!! And so big!!

We got a freebra, one of those that stock to your breast and then you lock it in front.. This one I will give to my mom as it was to small for me ^^
A nice silver necklace, very very in right now haha
And a giftcard of 200 SEK = around $30

Aurea Tanning gel for face and a bodypeeling cream

A Waterclouds Hairspray - I'm not really a hairspray person, I mostly use styling powder. But If I'm doing a hairstyle that needs hairspray it's always good to have =) Also good when friends are around, they always seem to need hairspray hehe ^^
L'oreal Total repair 5 shampoo and deep conditiner - Also always nice to have..

Brilliantsmile whitening toothpaste - I've gotten the full size one in another goodiebag from an event me and my boyfriend went to 6 months ago almost. I didn't like the taste of it and I didn't see a difference. But hey a toothpaste is a toothpaste and you always need it =)

L'oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara and the Infallible cream shadows - it has been quite a buzz around these Infallible cream colours so I'm excited to try it as I never would spend the money on it myself (exspensive here in Sweden I'd rather just use my money on MAC paint pots actually)..

Now this is intruiging.. It's a whitening toothbrush that uses a blur light to do it.. Hmmm
At first John wanted this but when I saw what it does I think I'm gonna keep it to myself hehe ^^

So that's "all".. So much stuff.. There will be quite a few reviews up here very soon ;P 

2 kommentarer:

  1. waw love the toothbrush, never seen that before

  2. @Shannara - neither have I.. It's going to be interesting to see if it works =)


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