onsdag 7 december 2011

NOTD - China Glaze Ruby Pumps + glitter

The perfect holiday polish will forever be China Glaze's Ruby Pumps. It's the perfect red sparkly colour that really makes you feel that holiday spirit. Of course I couldn't help myself from covering my rngfingers with som red glitter but it actually didn't make that much of a difference to the other nails.. hmm anyways my nails are still pretty =)

(ignore the stupid "dents" on the nails, I can never be still damnit, fortunately it only
shows in pictures and not IRL ;P)

The glitter only shows up (barely) in the picture without flash (the right one) and in surtain lights irl. I guess the colour was to close of a match with the polish ^^

1 kommentar:

  1. Ciao Bella,
    That is truly such a pretty red colour. I have been looking for the perfect red Christmas polish... I think that I will try to find this shade... I LOVE it.
    Thanks for posting it.
    Have a really great day.
    Hugs & Kisses,


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