onsdag 25 januari 2012

Beauty MUSTS when in Sweden!

Most of my readers are not from Sweden which is where I'm from so I thought it would be nice to tell you guys what products and brands I thinkyou should check out if you ever come on vacation =)

Here in Sweden beauty products are very very Very exspensive so there is only so much that's worth checking out and you really need to know what to look for. Otherwise you will go in to a beauty store and see the prices and just give up.

What you need to check out:

1. Viva La Diva (the NYX of Sweden)- They offer great eyeshadow palettes in various sizes which are of great qualtiy and great prices. Also if you're into glitter eyeliners, they have a wide range of them and they are great =)

2. Isadora (budget brand who focuses on good quality whilst being hypo-allergenic) - I know that Isadora is available in the US and to some degree around the world. But if you ever come here tha brands is available practically everywhere and you must check out their bronzers. Great quality-great price-non animal tested-hypo allergenic! Also check out their eyeshadow quads, they're awesome!
Viva La Diva 48 eyeshadow palette - Isadora Bronzer

3. Make up store - Yes also available around the world but surprisingly few know about the brand. It's the makeup that a lot of swedish makeup artists use (we get a pro-discount) and it's not weird at all. The eyeshadows are super great quality, especially their s called microshadows (Make up forver sizes). I think they cost 129 SEK (exactly the same as one MAC eyeshadow here) and you will have to work really hard to use up all of the shadow! Their blushes are supe pgmented and are also worth giving a look. Really the entire range of products are worth checking out.

4. Lumene Finland - one of my fave budget brands here (yes they are finish but available here also). I love their face products - particularly their face primers! Their powders and their eyeshadows base are really good too. I'm not sure if they still do but they used to carry a body lotion that was tinted and had beautiful golden shimmer in it (body glow something), beautiful on your summerlegs!

Make Up Store Microshadow in Dita - Lumene Beauty base matifying and retexturizing primer

I hope this was somewhat helpful for you guys. Maybe it inspired you to take a weekend in Stockholm some time ;P It's really a beautiful city during summer (all year really but more so during summer). And if you're not planning a trip maybe you got curious to the brands I mentioned. For example I know that Make Up Store has a store in London so you guys in the UK should really check it out =) They're also available in Dubai, New York, Denver, Vietnam and so on and so on =) Check their website www.makeupstore.se to see all the places they're available at.

Have any of you ever been to Sweden? =)

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  1. I'm in Australia but my brother lives in Sweden. My parents are going to visit him in a few months so I'm making a shopping list for them. I've already asked them to pick up some Make up store nail polish for me :)

  2. @Rebecca - Oh how nice =) It's been a while since I checked out their nail polishes but when I have owned one or two they've been nice =)There are some Make up Store's in Autralia though, Sydney - Melbourne - Brisbane: see here http://makeupstore.se/duen/stores.php?country=au where to find them =)


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