måndag 23 januari 2012

Cleaning out and sorting trough my nailpolish collection...

So this saturday night I was too tired to go out with my friends so I decided to stay home. At around 11pm I was quite bored so i decided to go through my nailpolishes. WOW an eyeopener I tell ya! I thought I had around maybe 40 polishes (and do think that's a lot of polishes) but boy was I wrong! I had 73!! 73!! WHAAT!?

Crazy crazy crazy, so on went I and cleaned out polishes that were just unusable and old, and the ones I just didn't use. I think all in all I threw away around 15 and I have around 15 in a bowl to give away to friends.

I went from this!

To this =)

It's weird but I actually feel better and lighter myself now that my nailpolishes are sorted. I probably will do another clean out in a few months to see if I can let go of som emore polishes. At this time this is as far as I dare go ^^

I have also started to sort through my Makeup collection and I do have a bowl of makeup to give away to friends aswell haha. Mostly Lancome quads that I just don't use, but also some glosses and other stuff. I think my friends will like me when they come over ^^

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  1. Well done, its nice to have a sort out every now and then. I love nail polishes too, bet your friends will love you :D x


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