onsdag 4 januari 2012

My new years resolutions - Beautywise

So my New Years resolutions this year mostly relate to beauty in some form or another. My other resolutions not relating to beauty I feel I don't wanna share with anyone (not even my best friends) as I have made some real personal ones. I guess every resolution is very personal but mine this year are a bit different than they usually are.

Anyways my resolutions beautywise I feel I want to share =) Here we go:

1. I have a everyday makeup/beauty drawer with all my fave makeup and nailpolishes and stuff that I use on a day to day basis. Then I have my collection in a Börje drawer from Ikea. Those products in there just doesn't get used. So for this year I'm gonna go through my everyday drawer once every month and switch out a few things with "new" things from my collection, just to get a use out of the products I own..

2. Try to do at least one FOTDs a week. Note TRY to. As my camera is acting crazy atm that won't be possible these first weeks ut when I get my camera to work (or a new one) I will definately try to get more looks up.

Some of the past year's FOTDs:

3. Use more colours makeupwise. I do use colours from time to time but I feel I need a little more colour this year than I used this past year. Colours can just change your mood completely. So when I'm having a kinda' "shitty" day I'm gonna try to put some colours on and think "there's nothing some colour can't fix" (it's nice to think that way anyways).

4. I can only buy 5 nailpolishes for myself this year! Last year I went a bit crazy and I think I bought like 20-25 something (maybe more) because I just really got into nailpolish and I never really was before, So I went from having round 5 total to about 30 total. Needless to say I need to stop buying nailpolish! I actully allready bought 2 polishes this year (I know that was fast right? I started the year with some shopping, what can I say). I bought Essie's Watermelon and Mint Candy Apple. So 3 more to go ^^ Allthough I've given myself a loophole. For every 2 polishes i get rid of (give away to a friend or just throw out) I can buy a new one.

So these are my resolutions for this year =) What ya' think? What are your resolutions?

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