måndag 2 januari 2012

Random post: Yankee Candle Black Cherry

So I've always been curious to Yankee Candles and the past year I've seen more and more of them here in little boutiques in Stockholm. Finally in the beginning of December I purchased my first one. A 7 oz tumbler of the Cherries on Snow scent.

I absolutely fell in love and just before christmas I went and bought myself a medium jar of Black Cherry which is even more amazing! I also got my mom the Tutti Frutti one and my grandma the White Christmas one as christmas presents..

Now, with some of my christmas money I got, I went out today and bought a backup of the Black Cherry because I'm gonna be absolutely super duper sad when it burns out hehe..

I so so so so soooo recommend you check out Black Cherry when you get the chance! It's amazing! And Yankee Candle sells samplers of each and every scent they have so if you don't know where to find them in store I bet you can find them online =) In Sweden you can find them online HERE!

4 kommentarer:

  1. I LOVE Yankee candles!
    Black Cherry sounds really good!


  2. love yankees!!!

    the cherry is one of my faves!! i seen to go for alot of fruitier scents!!

  3. @Nora Schu - It absolutely is. Fruity, sweet and fresh at the same time =)

  4. @Steph xox - Me too. I do have my eyes on the Cherry Blossom one though. Might order a sample of that one. If I go for anything floral itäs usually cherry blossom or Jasmin =)


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