lördag 21 januari 2012

Starting new skin care - Trying the Clinique 3 step skin care system for oily skin

 I don't really know why really, but when I saw this little 3 step skin care system kit at the Clinique counter after christmas i just couldn't resist it. I've heard really good things about the skin care products from Clinique but never reallt ried any (except for my facial soap fro normal/dry skin, which I like, but i don't have dry skin so it doesn't do anything but clean my face really). So I figured why not. This set cost me 305 SEK = $44.57 = £28.89 and I got:

1. Liquid facial soap oily skin formula 50ml
2. Clarifying lotion 100ml
3. Dramatically different moisturizing gel 30ml
Bonus a All About Eyes 7ml

We'll see how it goes =) Have you tried any Clinique skin care? What do you think?

1 kommentar:

  1. Ahh I love the 3 step system! :) Hope you enjoy it!


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