onsdag 21 mars 2012

My favorite MAC eyeshadows!

When I saw Michele's (Michele1218 on youtube)  video on her favorite MAC eyeshadows I went through my collection to see which ones were my favorites..

With flash
First we have my everyday quad, in this quad I keep - Vanilla, All that Glitters, Mulch, Embark.

Vanilla is my all time fave highlight, it has a vanilla/milky colour that has just a slight slight satin finish.
All that Glitters I think you are all familiar with by now ;P it's a gorgeous pink/champange colour that's the most easy everyday lid colour ever.
Mulch is a darker brown with golden shimmer and it makes the perfect soft brown smokey eye.
Embark is my all time favorite eyeshadow ever! It's an absolutely amazing colour for just some definition around your eyes. Why I love it so so much is because of the redish undertone, it just makes my blue eyes pop without me having to wear red, pink or orange! Everyone with blur or green eyes should invest in Embark, makes such a difference along your lashline!

Next we have- Bronze, Shroom, Woodwinked, Sketch
Sable, Antiqued, Mystery

Bronze is just that perfect high shine bronze colour, nothing really unique about it but still the softness of it and the colour is just so pretty.
Shroom is the highlight I go for when I want that extra umph in my inner corners. Shiny milky colour.
Woodwinked I also think you're all familiar with by now, such an amazing gold/bronze! It's my #1 summer colour, so effortless and pretty.
Sketch is that darker colour that is just something different than brown but still very soft as it has warm plum undertones that doesn't show up as straight up purple. Gives a plum tone to your look and goes amazingly with blue or green eyes.
Sable is also one of those effortless colour that you just slap on and then you're done. Gorgeous medium brown with plum/pink undertones.
Antiqued is a really coppertoned bronze that is just gorgeous on blue eyes and looks absolutely amazing with a tan. Your eyes just pops!!
Mystery is for when I want a more cooltoned defined lashline or look overall. It's just for when I need a change from all the warm colours I tend to use =)

Without flash

What are your favorite MAC eyeshadows? =)

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  1. Great choices! woodwinked has to be on my top 3! mystery and sketch are also favorites of mine. My all time favorite though has to be blanc type - it's the perfect matte highlighter for me. But vanilla is on my wishlist!


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