söndag 25 mars 2012

What to wear on a roadtrip??

Hi guys! How was your weekend?? Mine was awesome. I went on a roadtrip to see one of my best friends in an other city, 2 hours from Stockholm. We had a blast!

But before I went I thought what should I wear makeup wise when I'm gonna be in a car for 2 hours but I still wanna look fresh and put together when I arrive so I wont have to worry about when I don't wanna worry about it (does that make sense? I feel like that was a looong sentence hehe).

So I did what I always do when I want to look nice but not overdone, and I want to share that with you =)

This is what I looked like:

This is what I did:
- First I put on my Garnier tinted eye roll-on under my eyes and blended that out.
- Then I mixed some foundation (Chanel Pro Lumiere) with some primer (Benefit The POREfessional) in my hands and just applied it as I would a moitsurizer. Gives coverage but not too much and the primer makes it last longer than if you would've mixed the foundation with a moisturizer. 
- After that I just swiped a little powder (Too Faced primed&poreless) on my T-zone and nowhere else.
- I put bronzer (NARS Laguna) and blush (MAC Springsheen) on as usual, just not as heavy. 
- Then I just finshed off my look with some mascara (Max Factor 2000 Calorie) and filled in my brows just a tiny bit (Isadora Eyebrow pencil Light Brown), and last but not least some tinted lip balm (ACO soft red lip balm).

It's the quickest easiest way to look put together without looking overdone =)

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