lördag 26 februari 2011

Review - The Body Shop Tea tree Face mask

I have only used it ones but I was so impressed that I had to give a review right away ^^

(picture not mine)

What The Body Shop says it does :
Instantly cooling mask helps to remove impurities and absorb excess oil whilst soothing and calming blemish prone skin, Skin is left feeling deeply cleansed, calm and refreshed.

What I say :
It did remove impurities and absorbed the excess oil, it is very strong and drying but it's so good that it's something that I feel I can get past.. It lieves your skin feeling very dry but oh so clean.. when I used it I had maybe 10 or more blemishes all over the face that were big red and hurt, you know, acne blemishes.. I used the face mask on clean skin and left it on for about 7 minutes (instruction says 5 - 10).. I used it before going to bed and when I woke up all the blemishes had faded and dried out, some were all gone and some you could just hint that they were there..So i wouldn't describe the mask as The Body Shop does, I would describe it more : Removes impurities and blemishes over night. Use just 10 minutes before moisturiser at night time and wake up blemishfree.. ^^

Conclution : 
It works!! It does remove impurities and blemishes, perfect for blemished skin.. Because it's so strong I wouldn't recommend anyone to use it more than once, or if you have very oily and acne prone skin maybe twice or three times a week.. And be sure you wash your face and moisturise well after, as I said it will dry out you skin.. I believe this could be used as an excellent spot treatment aswell as a face mask, so if you have that important date or jobinterview and a zit appears try dotting a little of this green clay mask on it before you go to bed =) If you have sensitive skin it might be good to try it on the neck before you put it all over your face, just in case you are allergic or something like that..

So, if you have trubble with blemishes, walk traight to The Body Shop and ask for a sample of the Tea Tree Face Mask! =)

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  1. I loveee The Body Shop Tea Tree range - I'd love to try this mask out! It sounds amazing xxx

  2. I have no body shop in my near :(

  3. Thanks for the review!
    Great blog!

    Visit me @

    Your newest follower,

  4. Oh I wrote a review on this mask.. But i didn't love it as much as u did only coz I've tried better


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