torsdag 24 februari 2011

Review - Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H

I'm gonna start of by telling you what Maybelline themselves states with this gel eyeliner:
Gel Formula - Lasts 24H - Non transfer - Intense Colour - Easy application (fine or thick line)

Second what I say:
Gel Formula - Last 24H - Non transfer - Intense Colour - Easy application (fine or thick line)
Hehe! I really do agree with what they state this eyeliner does.

Gel formula- uh duh! But kidding aside it's really nicely formulated and not greasy or clumpy at all like for example the Coastal Scents ones, they are very greasy and clumpy - they do make great colour bases on the lid but on me they just don't work as gel liners.

Lasts 24H & Non transfer - YES! Well, I haven't been wearing it for 24 hours, I've removed it before it has gone that long but when I've removed it it hasen't moved or transfered or lost its colour. I have even gone working out with it on just to really but it to the ultimate test, and it STAYED ON even though I swetted like a pig (and my eyelids are very greasy and oily when I'm nt working out so imagine when I do work out)!!

These pics are from after my workout! You can see that my mascara has fallen down under my eyes but the liner hasn't moved or faded =)

Intense Colour - It does have great colour payoff but I wouldn't call it Intense hehe.. Don't get me wrong as I said it does have great colour payoff!

Easy application (thin or thick) -  I would say it's pretty easy.. It is very easy to do a thin or a thick line it is beacause the liner brush that the liner comes with is kinda' a mini mini lipbrush so it's not pointed as other liner brushes, it's flat.. That means that it's easy do do a thin line when you use the brush sideways, and easy to do a thick line when you use it straight on like a painting brush.. It is a bit tricky to do the perfect in between line, but as it is with everything - the more ou do it the easier it gets =)

Other: It does take a while for it to really dry so just be careful not to smudge it, if you don't want to, if you want to then go for it ;) Just something to think about but not really anything that is desturbing (at least to me) =)

I REALLY RECOMMEND THIS GEL EYELINER! It has almost everything a gel liner need to have to be great! It's  just awesome! Here in sweden it costed me 119kr = $18.53 (I know you peaple in the US are gonna freak out when you read the price I paid).. In the US it costs around $9.99..

3 kommentarer:

  1. Great review! I wanna try it so bad now

  2. Love your blog! This sounds so great, can't believe that is after your workout definitely going to check them out.

  3. Ah I want this! thyey dont sell in Uk tho :(


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