måndag 2 maj 2011

March-April Faves!!

I know I haven't blogged in a while but I've been really busy!! It's been crazy!! But I'm back, I hope everyone had a great easter (I had the best) those of you who celebrate it.. On to my faves for this month and march, I didn't do a faves post for march so I figured I just do both months now.. There's a lot of products so bare with me!! =)

Bare minerals Original foundation - My skin has been a mess the last month with breakouts and all that so I've been trusting my mineral foundation to not make my skin worse and maybe better..

The Body Shop Tea tree face mask - Awesome when you get breakouts!!! (review here)

Origins Checks and balances frothy face wash - Great cleanser for combination/oily skin.. It's my favorite ever.. (review here)..

Nivea Summer beauty body lotion - I absolutely hate the fake tan look and the dreadful smell of it. BUT I like the gradual tan body moisturizers, they don't smell bad and gives you a natural gradual tan and you don't feel all fake.. Love this one!

Nivea pure&natural hand cream - just the best ever!! (review here)

MAC blush Ombre Ripe peach (LE) - Perfect spring blusher! If you can get your hands on it through CCOs or something get it!! Perfect peach, true peach color!!

MAC Vanilla eyeshadow - Best highlight ever.. Just a fact! (I've just hit pan)

Make up store Vanilla pencil eyeliner - Great for neutrulizing the redness of the waterline and make your eyes appear brighter..

MAC Paint pot Constructivist - I've become more of a neutral girl lately, don't know why but Constructivist is the base I've been using, it's a perfect darker brown!

Illamasqua nail varnish Jan - Gorgeous spring color, kinda' a dusty off  lilac pink, Love it! Illamasqua is my favorite Nail polish brand, unfortunately it's kinda' hard to get your hands on here, so I only have this color..

The Body Shop Banana conditioner - I love banans, the fruit, the smell, the taste, banana candy, banana everything! This conditioner is really moisturising and leaves you hair soft and nice smelling! great summer conditioner!!

Swarzkopf OSIS+ Dust it - great for a little volume in your roots when you don't want to teeze..

Tressemé Heat defence spray - just a reallly nice heat protectant.. Makes your hair smell nice and feel soft and silky. The price makes it even better!

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